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  • 3 Unique Traits of Intercept Technology

    It has come to our attention that imitation anti-tarnish products have entered the marketplace. Despite the fact that they may look like Intercept TechnologyTM, it’s important to know they’re not.

    Here are a few Intercept TechnologyTM signature features.

  • Your Jewelry Showcase May Be Doing More Harm Than Good | Part II

    Wood treatments and Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) can spell BIG problems for jewelers and their inventory.

  • Your Jewelry Showcase May Be Doing More Harm Than Good | Part I

    It’s no surprise that jewelry tarnishes when coming in direct contact with materials HOWEVER, it’s important to note that materials NOT in direct contact with your jewelry also cause tarnish. More specifically, jewelry showcase materials...


  • How to Protect Your Jewelry

    The past few days, news headlines have been filled with a certain celebrity who had her precious jewelry stolen, and it serves as a stark reminder. Because jewelry protection is our business, we thought we would share some tips on how to ensure the protection of your jewelry and there’s more ways than one:

  • Keep Your Silver Jewelry in Top Shape

    Learn how you can keep your silver jewelry in top shape with anti tarnish products from Intercept Silver & Jewelry Silver Care Co.

  • The Beautiful Basics of Sterling Silver

    So you've decided it is time to add sterling silver jewelry to your ever-growing collection but what is the best way to begin this journey? To start off, sterling silver jewelry offers you timeless elegance and with the proper care, it'll last for many generations to come. Before you head to a local jewelry store, there are some things to know before you're blinded by all those gorgeous pieces.

  • 4 Tips to Prep for Fall

    \Everyone’s heard of spring cleaning but have you considered fall cleaning? It’s that time of year when you put away all of your summer themed decorations, clothes and other items in storage! While we see the weather outside changing, the leaves falling from trees and the temperature dropping, you have a great opportunity to prep your house for the fall. Check out these four tips to take in the new season in stride!

  • Showcase Your Silver, Safeguard Your Sales

    As we know, tarnish prevention products come in many forms. These papers, pouches, bags, etc. are typically meant to protect individual items. But what about larger spaces like your in-store jewelry display cases? If not protected in some way, these enclosed areas continually expose the items inside to corrosive gases in the air as they are opened and closed. Luckily, there are anti-tarnish products that can successfully filter the air and sufficiently safeguard a retail jewelry case.
  • The Storage Bag Solution For Your Silver

    Okay, we want to give you the scoop on storing your silver and other metal jewelry in plastic bags. Not just any plastic ziplock bag will do. Anti-tarnish ziplock bags protect your silver jewelry and other small metal valuables from tarnish while proividing visibility of your inventory. Available in a variety of sizes, these bags are ideal for the retailer or consumer looking to deliver their merchandise to the consumer in pristine condition. So, what distingishes an anti-tarnish plastic bag from a ordinary plastic bag? Let us explain.

    As you may know, plastic bags without any anti-tarnish protection seal moisture and tarnish-causing gases in with your jewelry. In addition, corrosive gases can eventually permeate the bag and damage the items inside. Therefore, when using plain plastic bags to store silver, it is often suggested to include an anti-tarnish strip. The ideal solution is to find a bag that incorporates tarnish protection as part of the bag itself, therefore safely eliminating this need for additional anti-tarnish precautions in your packaging. 

    When dealing with several types of jewelry and materials, it is crucial for your storage method to suit the jewelry being safeguarded. The optimum product for protecting your jewelry is non-toxic, non-abrasive tarnish prevention bags that are safe for all metals and gemstones, including pearls, emeralds, amber, opals, etc., Such a product allows the retailer, manufacturer, or consumer to use one product to efficiently store different kinds of jewelry. If you can find packaging that is also re-usable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly, you will had an added benefit to your jewelry storage.
  • Tips to Organize Your Jewelry

    In our last post "
    How to Clean Your Jewelry", we gave you a step-by-step guide to clean your silver (and non-silver) jewelry items. Now that your items are looking bright and shiny, you can begin to get your jewelry in order. After all, cleaning is just half the battle. The other half? Organizing of course! 
  • Silver Storage Tips

    In our last post “Keep Silver From Tarnishing”, we discussed the various causes of silver tarnish. So, how can you avoid these sources of harmful gases and materials when storing your silver? Whether you use a jewelry box, silver chest, display case, or other storage method, tarnish will find your silver unless you have sufficient protection. When it comes to safeguarding your metal valuables there are two main concerns to consider: scratching and tarnish.