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4 Tips to Prep for Fall



Everyone’s heard of spring cleaning but have you considered fall cleaning? It’s that time of year when you put away all of your summer themed decorations, clothes and other items in storage! While we see the weather outside changing, the leaves falling from trees and the temperature dropping, you have a great opportunity to prep your house for the fall. Check out these four tips to take in the new season in stride!

  1. Start by ridding your closet, dresser and armoire of summer clothes like shorts, short sleeved shirts and bathing suits. If you have storage tubs or containers, place these clothing items in them to protect them until it’s time to wear again. Additionally, if you noticed clothes you haven’t worn in a while, consider donating them to charity or selling them to a consignment shop.
  2. After you’ve cleared out your summer clothes, start checking out your smaller accessories. Do you have specific jewelry that you only wear in the summertime? If so, place them in jewelry storage bags to keep them tarnish free.
  3. Decorate your home with fall themed items like harvest inspired wreaths, pumpkins and anything else that suits your fancy. If you aren’t sure what items will fit your taste, head to a local craft store because they will have a plethora of autumn themed décor. You can even head to a local farmers market and check out their selection of fall trinkets.
  4. Break out the fleece blankets and throw pillows for your living room seating arrangements! These elements will create a cozy feeling when the temperatures get chilly. You can even add another sense to the room by burning some candles that capture the essence of fall. Most big-boxed stores carry a huge selection of various scents that will give your nose a pleasant experience.

Straightening up your home and bringing in the autumn could create a little more relaxation after a long day. It doesn’t take long to store jewelry, clothing or unused items in your home so take the time today to embrace fall.

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