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  • The Beautiful Basics of Sterling Silver

    So you've decided it is time to add sterling silver jewelry to your ever-growing collection but what is the best way to begin this journey? To start off, sterling silver jewelry offers you timeless elegance and with the proper care, it'll last for many generations to come. Before you head to a local jewelry store, there are some things to know before you're blinded by all those gorgeous pieces.

  • What to Look For In Anti Tarnish Products

    Whether you make, sell or collect jewelry, tarnish is a major problem. This is especially true on silver jewelry but affects other metals as well. Many companies attempt to provide a solution with a wide array of anti tarnish products, but not all are created equal. So what should you look for? Here are our tips:

  • Help Your Silver Survive the Summer: Jewelry Care Tips

    There is nothing better than enjoying the hot summer days, especially when you're vacationing at the beach or relaxing poolside. While you're busy enjoying the sun, however, you may not be aware of the toll that the summer season can take on your silver and other metal jewelry.

    Sunscreen may help protect your skin, but it can potentially harm your jewelry. Before you layer on the SPF, make sure you remove any jewelry that you are wearing. Also beware of applying lotions and oils as these can get caught in the crevices and details of your jewelry. If these substances remain on your items they can cause tarnishing and make cleaning more difficult. Sweat and skin oils can diminish the gleam of your silver as well.  If you prefer to stay poolside instead of the beach, remove your jewelry before you dive in. Chlorine and other pool chemicals can cause discoloration on your silver. Make it a habit during these hot months to wipe down your jewelry after wear with a plain, non-abrasive cloth. Cleaning your jewelry regularly will help prevent tarnish and keep your collection shining.

    Wearing jewelry to the beach is always a bit of a risk so make sure your pieces are secure before putting them on. Rings can often slide off while swimming and loose clasps can easily open causing your necklaces or bracelets to disappear into the sand.

    For retailers and manufacturers, we recommend storing your silver jewelry in a cool, dry place, preferably away from sunlight. Protecting your inventory will protect your profits.

  • How to Clean Gemstone Jewelry

    From colored engagement rings to vibrant precious and semi-precious stone designs, gemstones are on trend and may be making their way into your jewelry box (if they haven’t already). Thus, knowing the appropriate manner to care for your gemstones is essential. Previously, we discussed how to properly clean and look after your silver and metal jewelry. In this post we will take a more detailed look at how to handle gemstones.