Intercept Technology™ Tarnish & Corrosion Prevention Packaging

Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care's Testimonials

Here at United Precious Metals, we have tested all types of tarnish prevention materials and have found that Intercept Technology™ anti tarnish strips are the only effective product on the market for preventing tarnish and corrosion of precious metal alloys.

Ajit Menon, Director of Technology, United Precious Metal Refining, Inc.


Intercept’s packages, strips, and tabs are the best anti-tarnish products available on the market today. Nothing compares to them. Here at Stuller we use them in-house for all of our silver inventory needs, including storing component parts we have on the shelf and finished jewelry products that we want to protect. We also distribute Intercept’s line to our customers.

Jodi Venable, Tools Product Mgr., Stuller Inc.


For over three years now, we have made it a practice to deliver all of our jewelry to patrons by using Intercept’s anti-tarnish zip-lock bags. The result has been that valuable goodwill is achieved, our branding enhanced, and repeat sales produced. Our patrons are initially surprised when the jewelry is delivery in these bags rather than boxes, tissue paper, or fancy bags with little, if any, further benefit. After the protective and corrosion prevention features of the bags are explained to them, the patrons are amazed about the thoughtfulness after the sale and appreciate the effort to protect the jewelry and maximize its beauty. Because the bag also has a label with our name, logo, and catch-phrase, our branding efforts are advanced. Our patrons have shared this positive buying experience with others and with referrals. Hence, the relatively modest cost of the Intercept bags has likewise returned substantial benefits to us.

Robert Krenkowitz, Villalba Collection Jewelry


At HSN we package our tarnishable jewelry in anti-tarnish bags or with anti-tarnish tabs provided by Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care Co. These products have increased the shelf life for our items and reduced our tarnish rate.

Barbara Winer Schenberg, G.G., Sr. Product Evaluator, Home Shopping Network (HSN)


Our Lotus Bracelet is crafted in sterling silver in the USA...We store our bracelet inventory in Intercept zip-lock bags to keep them from tarnishing while they are waiting to be shipped. For our charms, which we package individually, we use Intercept anti-tarnish strips and put a piece into each charm package to keep the charms looking their best. Our favorite Intercept product is the anti-tarnish fabric pouch imprinted with our logo and included with each bracelet. Our customers appreciate this extra step to ensure their bracelet, with its unique and special meaning for them, is always shining and ready to wear.

Kevin Brennan, Lotus Bracelet

Here are some of the many companies that use the  Intercept Technology™:


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