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Silver Storage Tips

intercept anti tarnish silver storage tips

In our last post “Keep Silver From Tarnishing”, we discussed the various causes of silver tarnish. So, how can you avoid these sources of harmful gases and materials when storing your silver? Whether you use a jewelry box, silver chest, display case, or other storage method, tarnish will find your silver unless you have sufficient protection. When it comes to safeguarding your metal valuables there are two main concerns to consider: scratching and tarnish.

For home storage of your jewelry collection, anti-tarnish strips or linings can be placed in jewelry boxes or drawers. If you prefer to store pieces individually, treated tarnish prevention fabric pouches or zip-lock bags are good options. While sealed plastic bags reduce air exposure around the silver item, corrosive gases can permeate the bag rather quickly. Therefore, make sure the bag you use contains some sort of tarnish protection. Storing items separately avoids knocking and potential scratching. Whatever method you use, make sure to store your silver jewelry in a cool, dry location.

The same rules apply when storing flatware, hollowware, and other silver tableware items. Be sure to avoid the sulfur-rich materials identified in our last entry. Silverware rolls, drawers, or chests are popular storage choices. Look for manufacturers that provide a variety of tarnish prevention products, as silverware and serving pieces vary in shape and size, so you have the opportunity to choose the storage solution that best fits your specific needs. Again, make sure your silver is clean and dry before putting it away. Don't let inefficient storage tarnish your next dinner party!

If you are a retailer using a type of display case, you need tarnish prevention that is suitable for larger areas. An enclosed space does not simply guarantee protection. Even though the case may be sealed, the materials used to make it, such as certain woods or glues, can tarnish jewelry or metal items inside. A filtration unit or anti-tarnish paper lining can absorb the corrosive gases and usually resolve the issue.

Any manufacturer of jewelry or other precious metal items knows the significance of storing the items properly to keep them bright, protected and tarnish free. With the right storage products, your silver will remain radiant and preserve its value.

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