Intercept Technology™ Tarnish & Corrosion Prevention Packaging

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors

Vapor corrosion inhibitor is a term used in several industries including heavy industry manufacturing and automotive. Though at first glance, it is unlikely to be a term you would expect to hear in the jewelry business since these inhibitors are used to try to minimize corrosion or rust.

For jewelry manufacturers, distributors, retailers and owners, however, trying to provide protection from tarnish is an integral aspect to the silver, jewelry and precious metals industries in order to protect investments and maximize resources.

A vapor corrosion inhibitor may be one of the ways to protect the metal or metals against tarnish and corrosion. It has been estimated that corrosion is responsible for over $275 billion per year in loss and damage. However, having the right tarnish inhibitor will have a profound impact on the bottom-line for any company engaged in these industries.

An inhibitor (vapor corrosion) can be in the form of a liquid rub, cream, swiping material, packaging material and various other forms, but all of them are chemical based. The form of this, however, is less important to these industries as much as the effectiveness is important. Learn more about corrosion inhibitors here.

Selecting the best way to protect is important and it is important to consider the safety of the materials the product is being applied to as well as the safety to the person applying the vapor corrosion inhibitoror other protection.

Many in the industry consider the line of patented Intercept Technology™ products distributed by Intercept™ Silver & Jewelry Care Company to be a better solution than vapor corrosion inhibitors. Intercept Technology™ anti-tarnish and anti-corrosion products are safe, do not have any chemicals that outgas, are completely compliant with all health and safety rules in the US and Europe and are highly effective with a long useful life, which is why many use these products to protect their investments and their staff.

Intercept™ Silver & Jewelry Care Company offers a full line of products that include products with a polymer that are safe and easy to use. By simply using Intercept™ products you can eliminate the need for vapor corrosion inhibitors and streamline the process for storing. Intercept™ products are simply better protection. To see how they work in more detail, click here.