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The Beautiful Basics of Sterling Silver

THE BEAUTIFUL BASICS OF STERLING SILVERSo you've decided it is time to add sterling silver jewelry to your ever-growing collection but what is the best way to begin this journey? To start off, sterling silver jewelry offers you timeless elegance and with the proper care, it'll last for many generations to come. Before you head to a local jewelry store, there are some things to know before you're blinded by all those gorgeous pieces.

First thing's first, sterling silver is the whitest and brightest precious metal because of its' extreme reflectiveness. Many people love the look of sterling silver jewelry because it has a bright and shiny look that will catch the attention of anyone's eyes. There are numerous jewelry retailers that make popular sterling silver jewelry like the infamous Tiffany & Co., where they have been in business since 1837.

Sterling silver jewelry can be quite gorgeous to wear; it's a versatile metal as it can be formed to create necklaces, rings, bracelets, ear rings and so much more. However, pure silver is too soft to actually produce jewelry so many manufacturers must alloy it with other metals like copper to make it strong enough for jewelry casting. But, with this combination there is one caveat all sterling silver owners should be aware of – tarnishing properties.

Tarnishing is when the jewelry darkens and forms a coat that diminishes its' bright look. This is caused by impurities in the metal oxidizing from the air and can be extremely frustrating to deal with. Not only does it make the precious metal unsightly, but it can be an ordeal to remove and can require vigorous polishing. However, tarnishing can be avoided if you wear the jewelry often and use sterling silver storage bags to protect it against oxidization. With proper storage and care, your sterling silver won't suffer from corrosion and you won't have to fatigue yourself when polishing it!  

Sterling silver jewelry is a must-have in any precious metal collection because it can pair well with any outfit or occasion! There are nearly limitless sterling silver designs and styles to choose from so you will definitely need time to look over all your options. Just don’t forget those sterling silver storage bags to protect your new accessory!

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