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Intercept for ElectronicsEffective Anti-Corrosion Packaging for Electronics

If you manufacture or store electronics, you know that their circuit boards are susceptible to environmental damage. Contamination can make the equipment inoperable, soldering difficult or incomplete, and create storage problems. Fortunately, we can provide high quality anti-corrosion packaging to keep your electronics safe while in shipment or storage.

Intercept provides anti-corrosion and anti-static packaging for printed circuit boards or PCB protection. This highly effective anti-corrosion packaging product is also environmentally friendly, non-toxic, contamination and volatile free. Our products also provide permanent ESD protection coupled with long term corrosion protection and solderability preservation.


Our Static Intercept product is used in the shipping and storage of circuit boards with a focus on printed circuit boards (also called PCBs). Each small, square piece of material prevents corrosion and ESD (electro-static discharge), which is vital in the storage of circuit boards. We have three sizes to suit a variety of your storage needs. The one inch by one inch is good for any contained space such as a box or a bag up to 30 cubic inches. The half-inch by half-inch size protects containers up to 10 cubic inches. Protection up to 45 cubic inches is possible with the one- and-a-half by one-and-a-half inch size. We also carry a full line of `Static Intercept® bags and films if your need is to protect larger equipment.

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The Ultimate in Circuit Board Protection

You invest a lot of time and work in the manufacture of your circuit boards, so you want to protect them from damage during storage. Intercept offers customers worldwide the ultimate protection with anti-corrosion and anti-static packaging. When you enclose your PCBs with our materials, you know they are protected.

Static Intercept®

This patented material prevents corrosion and electro static discharge (ESD) for circuit boards and other electronic components that are ESD and corrosion sensitive during shipping and storage. Static Intercept is non-toxic, anti-corrosive, and permanently anti-static. It is also non-contaminating, leaving no detectable deposits on the items it protects, is fully recyclable, environmentally friendly, and non-abrasive. We offer a similar product that prevents tarnish on metal jewelry.