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Keep Your Silver Jewelry in Top Shape

Learn how you can keep your silver jewelry in top shape with anti tarnish products right from Intercept Silver & Jewelry Silver Care Co.

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    Keep Silver Jewelry Beautiful

Sterling silver jewelry is beautiful, classic, and timeless. There's nothing quite like a sparkling silver ring or refined silver necklace. But, if not properly cared for, sterling silver jewelry can become tarnished overtime, as a result of oxidation. Fortunately, you can maintain the beauty and luster of your silver jewelry with the appropriate care.


    Storing Silver Jewelry

How you store your jewelry can increase the rate at which it becomes tarnished. Storing all your jewelry in the same box or container will cause them to become mangled and tainted. Instead, store each piece in its own compartment with anti tarnish paper or strips. Or, place them in individual anti tarnish silver storage bags. Then store your pieces someplace cool and dry.

Dividing your pieces will help prevent scratches, while the use of anti tarnish technology will protect against substances that promote tarnish. At Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care, our anti tarnish products feature exclusive Intercept Technology™, your jewelry's best defense against corrosive gases.


    Cleaning Silver Jewelry

Along with proper storage, routinely cleaning your jewelry can keep it in pristine condition. Use a clean, soft microfiber cloth to gently polish your pieces. If you have an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, make sure it's suitable for the pieces you wish to clean. If your jewelry contains diamonds and gemstones, ensure the cleaner is gentle enough for your piece. Otherwise, the machine could dislodge your gemstones. If your piece has serious tarnish, take it to your local jeweler for a professional cleaning. To prevent dirt and oil buildup on your jewelry, your pieces should be removed and safely stowed when you're cleaning, cooking, swimming, bathing, exercising, and sleeping.


    Inspecting Silver Jewelry

Examine your silver jewelry every three to six months, as well as after cleaning. Inspections will ensure your pieces are in tip-top shape and that no stones are loose. If you find a problem, take your jewelry to your jewelry right away.

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