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  • The Beautiful Basics of Sterling Silver

    So you've decided it is time to add sterling silver jewelry to your ever-growing collection but what is the best way to begin this journey? To start off, sterling silver jewelry offers you timeless elegance and with the proper care, it'll last for many generations to come. Before you head to a local jewelry store, there are some things to know before you're blinded by all those gorgeous pieces.

  • Will Your Storage Bag Protect Your Silver, or Harm It?

    Sterling silver can make some of the finest jewelry and family heirlooms and, if properly cared for, it will last generations. Improperly stored, however, silver is fragile and can tarnish and corrode. Sadly, not all storage bags are designed in a way that will keep your silver safe and prevent harm. So how do you know if your storage bag will do more harm than good? To ensure safe storage, look for bags that:

  • A Sterling Silver Fact List

    When you own sterling silver jewelry, it's important to take care of your pieces when they're not being worn. Storing silver jewelry properly will protect it from dust, tarnish and fungus. While most people may be aware of the importance of sterling silver storage, not everyone may know what the metal actually is or how it's made. For this reason, we have compiled several important facts that every jewelry owner should be aware of: