Intercept Technology™ Tarnish & Corrosion Prevention Packaging

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the relationship between JK Findings and Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care, LLC?

JK Findings acquired Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care, LLC in 2022. We added Intercept Technology™ anti-tarnish products to our line to help customers protect their lower karat gold, sterling silver, gold-filled, gold-plated, and brass findings and jewelry from tarnish and corrosion.

How long does the protection from the Intercept Technology™ bag last?

Intercept's protective shelf life is many years, even decades. Testing from Bell Labs and DuPont has shown that the Intercept products' life span is related to the thickness of the chosen film. Generally, every 1 mil of Intercept provides 10 years of protection, hence, a 3 mil bag will yield 30 years of tarnish prevention. Based on that data, Intercept products can be built to last as long as needed.

When protecting against tarnish and corrosion, do all anti-tarnish products on the market work the same?

Barrier protection products work in vastly different ways. The Intercept Technology™ line of products protects in two ways. First, they absorb tarnish causing gases, and second, they react with and permanently neutralize those corrosive gases. This dual form of protection eliminates the two elements needed to form atmospheric corrosion. Intercept's mechanism for protection is sacrificial; therefore it won't contaminate the product it's protecting. The typical "waterproof" or vapor barrier bags concept is to attempt to keep the atmosphere and/or relative humidity from the protected product; whereas chemical emitting protection products (VCI/VPI) will coat the protected product to stop corrosion from forming.

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Are Intercept Technology™ products safe to use?

Intercept Technology™ polymers are non-toxic, non-abrasive, and environmentally friendly. Intercept does not emit any chemicals or oils and will not leave deposits on the items it protects. Intercept Technology™ products will not harm any object it comes in contact with. Precious metals and gemstones as soft as opals, emeralds, and amber are safe when in contact with Intercept. Intercept is the only anti-tarnish product to win the coveted German Environmental Award.

What are Intercept Technology™ Anti-Tarnish Strips and Tabs?

Anti-tarnish tabs and strips are pieces of a revolutionary, break-through technology invented and patented by AT&T/Lucent Technologies for anti-corrosion/anti-tarnish applications. They invented a process to transform standard polymer into being able to act like a very high surface area, highly reactive Copper. Intercept polymer is a preferential or easier site for the gases that cause tarnish to react with and be permanently neutralized. These gases generally referred to as atmospheric pollution, include sulfur gases (H2S, SO2, etc.) chlorine, ozone and nitrous gases. Intercept literally reacts with and permanently neutralizes these gases that cause unsightly tarnish. Unlike other technologies which rely on passive systems to absorb some gases, gases that could also de-absorb or come back out (out gassing), Intercept reacts with and binds these gases into the structure of the plastic, so it does not depend on elevated concentrations – Intercept works at all normally existing environments and is a reactive barrier, providing active protection.

Store your jewelry, silver and other precious metals and keepsake items (metal and non-metallic) in a dry container. Ensure that the items to be stored are clean and place them together with an Intercept Technology™ Tab in a box or other closed container. The protection will begin immediately. Please note, that only physical or chemical cleaning can remove tarnish and oxidation that has already started.

How long will Intercept Technology™ Anti-Tarnish Strips and Tabs provide protection?

Intercept does not depend on temperature or humidity, nor will normal environments impact the effectiveness of the Intercept Technology™ products. Intercept should provide protection for your valuables for up to 12+ months of continuous use depending on how well sealed the container is..

How many tabs are needed to adequately protect an item?

We advise that one (1) Intercept Technology™ 1" x 1" tab should be, under normal conditions, sufficient to provide protection for the inside of a container that measures 30 cubic inches. 2" x 7" Strips will yield up to 424 cubic inches.

How long can the tabs be stored before I use them and still be effective?

If they are kept sealed in their original packaging or other sealed container, they will keep for up to 5 years.

Will I know when an Intercept product stops working before my items start to tarnish?

Intercept starts to change to a dark gray or black color when it starts to lose effectiveness. If you replace it with a new Intercept product, your items will continue to be protected.

Will Intercept Technology™ products remove tarnish and corrosion from the items I want to protect?

Intercept Technology™ products will prevent tarnish and corrosion from forming on your items, however, it will not remove tarnish, corrosive deposits, or polishing compounds.