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3 Unique Traits of Intercept Technology

3 Unique Traits

3 Unique Traits of Intercept TechnologyTM 

They say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery. While this may be the case, imitation can also be misleading. This is especially the case when it comes to imitation products. 

It has come to our attention that imitation anti-tarnish products have entered the marketplace. Despite the fact that they may look like Intercept Technology, it’s important to know they’re not. We want to highlight some of the specifications and features of our anti-tarnish tabs to ensure that you get the right products to get the job done.

Here are a few of Intercept Technology signature features. This is what makes our products effective, efficient and safe!


#1 Life Span and Shelf Life

Shelf life is essential, especially when dealing with products and inventory in bulk. Furthermore, nothing is more frustrating than a product you own expiring due to shelf life and not use. Intercept Technology is aware of this. Anti-corrosive products are created to prolong the shelf life of other items. It only makes sense that we use a material with a long lifespan of its own. That is not the case of the imitation products, they have a very short shelf life, starting from the moment that they are made.

Intercept Technology anti tarnish tabs have 10 year shelf life and a 12 month active life. That’s longevity that you can count on. You shouldn’t have to worry about your jewelry - let that be our concern.



#2 Temperature Range & Humidity

Intercept Technology is effective within the temperature range of -42℉ to 160℉ (-41℃ to 71℃). That’s a range matched by few. Furthermore, it’s humidity independent. While many other anti-corrosives rely on a certain level of air pressure before they can take effect (or no longer take effect), Intercept Technology is effective regardless of the environment in which it’s kept.

Hot or cold, high humidity or bone dry atmosphere, Intercept Technology works. If you come across another anti-corrosive that needs to exist within a certain temperature range in order to become effective, it’s not us.


no chemicals

#3 No Chemicals

The majority of the aforementioned imitators are classified as VCI’s or volatile corrosion inhibitors. These types of anti-corrosives coat the object they’re protecting with volatile chemicals. This is a vastly different method of corrosion protection than that used by Intercept Technology.

Unlike VCI’s, Intercept Technology is chemical free, odor free, VOC free so we are non-toxic and non-chemical. Our products are a plastic polymer infused with copper. That’s it. No oils or contaminants. While some VCI’s and other anti-tarnish (anti-corrosive) products leave an organic coating on jewelry that can cause contact dermatitis and irritation, Intercept Technology is hypoallergenic.

This is one of the key qualities of Intercept Technology. If you find an anti-tarnish product that contains contaminants or chemicals, it’s not us.

So there you have it! If you come across any anti-tarnish or anti-corrosive product on the market that contains oils, chemicals or contaminants - it's not Intecept Technology. Furthermore, if a product becomes inefficient at certain temperatures or has a shelf life under 10 years, it's not us.

Imitators can be misleading and it's important that you keep your stock protected. Don't be fooled by companies that look like the real thing.

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