Intercept Technology™ Tarnish & Corrosion Prevention Packaging

Corrosion Intercept corrosion intercept

Corrosion Intercept™ is a revolutionary development by Lucent Technologies that has changed the silver and jewelry industries forever. Prior to the creation of this Intercept the jewelry and silver industries needed to rely on caustic, dangerous products that could actually harm the metals they were intended to protect.

The products that use this technology do not include charcoal, "volatile corrosion inhibitors", "vapor phase inhibitors", nitrates, nitrites or amines. Prior to the creation of Corrosion Intercept™ the jewelry and silver industries had to make a choice between not protecting their jewelry, silver and other precious metals and using materials that could be dangerous to their workers and their products.

This protects silver and precious metals safely. Corrosion Intercept™ has a reputation in the industry that is second to none. Corrosion Intercept™ is a patented system that uses semi-conductor technology that actually transforms plastic into a protective barrier that reacts with gases and protects silver and precious metals from corrosive gases, fungus and bacteria.

This Intercept is made up of highly reactive copper particles that are bonded into a polymer matrix, basically creating a film, that reacts with and neutralizes corrosive gases that come in contact with the film. This barrier is virtually impenetrable by these corrosive gases making it a highly effective way to protect silver and other precious metals from tarnish and corrosion.

Relied on by companies such as NASA, the Royal Mint of England, Raytheon, the Home Shopping Network, The Guggenheim Museum and countless jewelry manufacturers around the world, the anti-tarnish products from Intercept™ Silver & Jewelry Care that include Intercept are considered by many to be the finest in the industry. Corrosion Intercept™and Static Intercept™ are used in the line of anti-tarnish products available through Intercept™ Silver & Jewelry Care Company.

What makes this Intercept the best product of its kind? First and foremost, it reacts with and permanently neutralizes corrosive gases. Also, it creates a virtually impenetrable barrier for corrosive gases, fungus and bacteria. It is also important to note that Corrosion Intercept™ is not a VCI and is more cost effective since you do not need secondary processes that are often associated with VCI protective products.

This technology has a life cycle significantly longer than other products used to protect against tarnish, it leaves no residue on silver or other precious metals and the smallest amount of Corrosion Intercept™ (1 mil) can protect your products for up to a decade. It also has a built in saturation indicator so you know when it has stopped protecting your silver and other precious metals. Unlike other products, it is also environmentally safe and free from volatile chemicals.

This has become synonymous with anti-tarnish protection – many businesses around the world rely on Corrosion Intercept™ to protect their silver and precious metals. Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care Company is proud to be the only licensed distributor of Corrosion Intercept™ for the silver and precious metal industries.