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  • Cleaning Methods for Silver - To polish or not to polish?

    If you have ever searched on-line for "cleaning methods for silver" you will find about 74,500,000 results!!! And within those results there are a ...
  • Responsible Sourcing and Environmental Friendliness

    In this day and age of responsible sourcing, many jewelry retailers, designers and manufacturers are looking for responsible, protective packaging that's environmentally friendly, but what does that actually mean?
  • Latest Tarnish Prevention Methods

    Tarnish Prevention Methods - MJSA Expo Online Product/Service Webinar

    In this month's blog we have a wonderful treat for all of you! Watch Intercept Silver & Jewelry President Marc Rothenberg's interview with MJSA discussing various tarnish prevention methods and products, plus the history behind the company and the Intercept Technology. You'll be sure to learn something you didn't know before, so give the video a click to watch, listen, and learn!

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  • How The Jewelry Industry Has Been Affected By The COVID-19 Pandemic

    The COVID pandemic was disastrous for many industries when it hit in the Spring of 2020. It effected just about every person & industry on the planet. Although things seemed somewhat scary for the future in the begining, we have been pleasently surprised to see a healthy resurgance in sales of jewelry & other luxury items. Read the blog to see how COVID impacted the jewelry industry and where we stand today.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions by the Economic Sector

    Greenhouse Gas Emissions In the Economic Sector & Intercept's Solution to Combating the Problem
  • Saturation Indicators and Why They Are Standard Practice

    You're probably wondering why this phone is in rice? Rice absorbs water well. And like most people who go too long without their phone,  they will go to great lengths in an attempt to get mobile again. Water is the true enemy of preservation when it comes to keeping things like phones and circuit boards functioning.
  • How Long Does It REALLY Take For Silver To Tarnish?

    How long does it REALLY take silver to tarnish? Well that depends. Is it pure silver or an alloy? Is it being handled frequently? Stored properly? 

    Silver can take anywhere from a few short weeks to a few years to tarnish. In this months blog we explain the different variables that effect the rate of tarnish and also the differences between pure silver, silver alloys, and how they tarnish differently.

  • You Can't Print Silver, You Can't Print Gold...

    All this money being handed out by the government. The government with trillions of dollars of debt. Where is it coming from? What will it lead to?
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting Jewelry

    Jewelry gets handled by a lot of people from the time it is created to the time the consumer gets it. This means a lot of potential chances for bacteria. Here we discuss the importance of cleaning your jewelry and the solutions Intercept products provide.
  • The Ultimate Metal to Survive a Financial Crisis

    Gold and silver are both great options when it comes to preserving your wealth, especially during times of crisis. But with gold being so expensive per ounce, silver is the best option when it comes to preserving your wealth.
  • COVID-19 Business Tips

    Undoubtedly, COVID-19 has impacted you and your business. While times are tough now, know that things will return to normal so long as we follow ...
  • 6 Jewelry Care Tips

    There are a number of ways you can easily tend to your jewelry to ensure it lasts a lifetime. We've provided these everyday care tips to help keep your jewelry in mint condition!