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What your jewelry choices say about your personality!

You get a first impression about someone by how they generally look, dress and speak. The clothes, jewelry as well as other accessories they choose help to give you information about them. There are so many different styles of jewelry ranging from large bold costume necklaces and big hoop earrings to simple chain necklaces and subtle diamond post earrings.

While these are not hard and fast rules, they are fun to pay attention to and see how accurate they are for both others as well as yourself:

  • Large hoop or dangling earrings and thick attention getting necklaces maybe a fun-loving sociable person 
  •  Pearls and classic styles are for people who have more traditional tastes and are low key in social settings 
  • Color coordinated jewelry in matching earrings and necklaces may represent someone who is highly organized and reliable
  • Jewelry wearers sporting natural elements like silver, sea shells, turquoise and wood may be nature lovers and have more earthy personalities and preferences
  • Antique jewelry is worn by more nostalgic individuals who have sensitivity to the history of an item 
  • Individuals wearing name brand jewelry from luxury manufacturers show that they pay attention to detail as they like the finer things making a statement that probably carries through other types of purchases and decisions they make.

 All in all, it makes you realize you can tell a lot about a person based on how they adorn themselves. And what ever Jewelry you choose to adorn yourself with, remember...First impressions are lasting impressions!



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