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Saturation Indicators and Why They Are Standard Practice

Saturation Indicators


Water is the only common element that truly possesses an every day threat to your valuables. Water has microscopic molecules that are capable of short circuiting a computer board in seconds. Simply washing your hands could cause your ring or bracelets to tarnish or corrode in months. When it comes to moisture damage, it seems to be only a matter of time.
You're probably wondering why this phone is in rice? Rice absorbs water well. And like most people who go too long without their phone,  they will go to great lengths in an attempt to get mobile again. Water is the true enemy of preservation when it comes to keeping things like circuit boards functioning and silver jewelry shining.
Tripped Phone Indicator
 Detecting damage by water on the microscopic level is impossible to see with the human eye. There had to be a quick, affordable, and easy solution to detect exposure to moisture. In response, the rise of saturation indicators came along with the ushering in of the tech boom we continue to see today. They mostly come in some type of color changing tab that reacts to the level of humidity it is exposed to. Once exposed, the items normal color never returns. That is why if you've ever taken your phone or laptop in for service, it is the first they will check.

More Affordable Than a Bag of Rice

Intercept™ has developed packaging that uses the same type of developments as we see in the saturation indicators placed in electronics to revolutionize it's patented packaging products. As long as the packaging retains our classic copper color, you know that corrosive gases harmful to your valuables are still being fought off. Our packaging protects anything you may have from water or any type of moisture damage. Intercept's™  packaging is revolutionary as it starts to change to a dark gray or black color when it starts to loose effectiveness. If you replace it with a new Intercept™ product, your items will continue to be protected. And all for less than that bag of rice is going to cost you. Protect your silver, jewelry, and electronics with Intercept™.
Unless you get really lucky with that bowl of rice, the phone you dropped in the rain probably isn't going to turn back on.

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