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Product shelf life vs active life, as we head into the Holidays: Why you should care!

Intercept Jewelry Care Shelf Life

Product shelf life is how long a product can sit on the shelf, before it is put to use, and still be effective, whereas active life is how long a product lasts once it is put to use. All Intercept anti tarnish products have a 5 year shelf life and have an active life that begins when an Intercept product is put to use. So why should you care? Read on...

Supply chain issues are affecting almost every aspect of business and life these days. Currently, shipping times have also been taking longer than usual. While Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care is not experiencing delays in its supply chain, we understand that generally, many products are taking longer than expected to reach the desired destination. And, since many of the large retailers require your jewelry products to be shipped with anti-tarnish tabs or bags, delays in shipping your jewelry because you are out of these products can cause you to incur surcharges as well as unhappy customers. To help mitigate these time lags, you need to be properly prepared to ship your items as soon as possible by having extra anti-tarnish tabs and bags on hand. 

This is where shelf life becomes important and why you should care, because you can prevent your business from suffering the inconvenience, additional costs and stress caused by a disruptive supply chain. This disruption can affect your ability to keep and service your customers. So, it’s reassuring to know that Intercept's anti tarnish tabs and bags can sit on the shelf unused for up to 5 years and still maintain their effectiveness

No worries if you order extra and don’t need it right away. In fact, the benefits of having extra product on hand will cost you less in the long run:

  • Lower cost when ordering larger quantities
  • Avoid rush shipments and associated costs
  • Avoid being hit with surcharges from retailers for late shipments

Be Proactive not Reactive

Don’t be caught short, be proactive by keeping anti tarnish tabs and bags in stock so you don't have to be reactive, in a rush, and under pressure to get them…. because as long as you are in business, you are going to need them.

Eliminating the uncertainty of your ability to satisfy your customers regarding shipping, will be one less stressor as we head into the holiday season!

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