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  • 6 Jewelry Care Tips

    There are a number of ways you can easily tend to your jewelry to ensure it lasts a lifetime. We've provided these everyday care tips to help keep your jewelry in mint condition!
  • The Outlook of Silver Prices in 2020

    The price of silver raised 16% over the course of 2019, from $15.5/OZ to nearly $18/OZ. Where will its value go from here?
  • Barrier Layers May Be On Their Way Out!

    Barrier layer protection products consist of oils and chemicals that vaporize and form a layer on the material they’re being used to protect. The components in these tarnish prevention products are often unlisted by manufacturers, inefficient, and hazardous to health.
  • Charcoal Paper is On Its Way Out

    There are many different anti-corrosion methods and products on the market, including some from juggernaut manufacturers. However, it’s recently been announced that a major competitor of Intercept™ will no longer be producing their most popular anti-tarnish product.
  • Intercept Technology™ - More Than Just Jewelry!

    Our proprietary Intercept Technology™ stops corrosion - protecting your jewelry and saving you money. But did you know there’s a wide variety of usages for Intercept outside of jewelry? From electronics to firearms, Intercept has you covered!
  • Legality of Nickel in Jewelry

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 10-20% of the population is allergic to nickel. Legislation such as the EU’s Nickel Directive should act as a global standard to address the issue. However, in the United States, no such regulations exist.
  • Jewelry & Skin Irritation

    Sometimes beauty is difficult. Whether it’s that less-than-comfortable pair of shoes, the pain of hair removal or the tighter-than-pleasant clothes, we’re prone to enduring some amount of pain in order to look good. One avenue of fashion in which you should not suffer, however, is jewelry.
  • What's Up With The Price of Silver?

    A great deal of speculation has been made towards where silver where go from here. Thus far, 2019 has been on the upswing from -9.5% to -3.6%. But what about going forward? Let’s take a look at what drives the price of silver.
  • The Reusability of Intercept Products

    Reusable packaging is the perfect solution to reducing environmental impact as well as business costs. In contrast to one-time use packaging, reusable packaging pays for itself in efficiency. It’s simple: the more you can use the product in logistics, the less waste being produced, the less replacement materials that need to be purchased.








  • Zeolites: The Difference Between Adsorption & Absorption

    It’s come to our attention that some new VCI papers coming out of Japan are touting the use of zeolites in their products. In theory, the presence of zeolites would act as gates, adsorbing agents of corrosion and protecting the precious metals in proximity to the VCI. However, the science of these products simply do not hold up.
  • Paradise Wildfires | Atmospheric Effects

    Paradise was the worst wildfire in California’s recorded history, causing at least 86 fatalities. Environmental damage, as well as urban damage, reached heights that many of us could never imagine. Although the fire is now 100% contained, there are still effects and impacts that are not 100% understood.