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Trends in Fashion: Lots of Silver Jewelry in 2021

silver jewelry trends

In previous years silver jewelry made huge fashion statements with flashy chokers and chain belts. Now that people are resuming their attendance at parties and celebrating events there is a new creative introduction of Silver Jewelry which will be accenting fashion. According to the Editorialist, a luxury, fashion and lifestyle magazine in its article “Yes, It’s Actually Happening- Silver Jewelry is Making a Comeback”. they have listed 6 key silver jewelry trends we should expect to see. 

  1. Silver Abstract Statement Jewelry to include multi hoop earrings and droplet rings shown in vine-like textured shapes.
  2. Gem Embellished Silver Jewelry for flashy designs that can be worn casually. Silver is shown mixed with both colorful gems as well as pearls.
  3. Silver Tennis Jewelry now that people will be attending parties and events will be reaching for an embellished accessory to be worn to accent a black dress for example.
  4. Silver Cuff Bracelets are making a comeback also fine to wear for casual.
  5. Silver Mix and Match Earrings worn in either an asymmetric length or mixing two different earing designs for a creative fashion look.
  6. Silver Chain Link Jewelry with varying patterns and thickness for both necklaces and bracelets. 

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With Zoom calls continuing; earrings and necklaces for waist-up dressing shall remain prevalent through 2021. The Plumb Club in its article “Fashion Influencers hail a silver streak for spring 2021” mentions silver’s versatility for textural surfaces;  woven, interlocked, dimpled and overlaid designs. In addition, we will be seeing the layering of necklaces of different lengths and looks as well as combining silver and gold. Charms will also continue to be a big item with designers continuing to create them as people enjoy wearing graduated layers of single or multiple medallions. 

It appears while silver jewelry has always been a popular choice due to its versatility and lower cost than many other options, 2021 is experiencing a resurgence of its use as a fashion statement as we all partake in our celebrations and events with others.

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