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What? I'm causing tarnish in my showcase?

In an effort to create a look of luxury in packaging and presentation, many jewelry retailers and manufacturers package and display their jewelry in a leather look-a-like product commonly known as leatherette or faux leather. This faux leather comes in a variety of colors, feels like a smooth vinyl, or may be stamped to have a textured look for an added elegant appearance.           

Leatherette is frequently used as a covering in ring, bracelet and necklace boxes. Retailers also use various displays made of this product and it has also been used as a tray liner. What you may not be aware of however, is that leatherette is manufactured using PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) which can lead to outgassing of chlorine and other volatile organic compounds.

Because chlorine accelerates the rate of tarnishing, outgassing can create and/or contribute to tarnishing of the very jewelry it is used to display. In fact, the heat of the showcase lights may cause an increase in the rate of corrosion because heat expedites the release of chlorine from the vinyl/leatherette product.

All retailers want to keep their inventory looking shiny and spotless in the jewelry show case as it waits to be purchased or as the item sits in the packaging/ box waiting to be presented. Manufacturers want their product lines looking tarnish free when they display them at tradeshows or presentation to clients. The effects of the tarnish caused by this outgassing is all too prevalent as most of the display products contribute to this issue.

Fortunately, there are several products that can assist with neutralizing these corrosive gases which are introduced by the PVC included in the leatherette or faux leather.

Many manufacturers add an anti-tarnish strip in the box with the jewelry to prevent tarnish during storage and shipping. Jewelry retailers concerned about their showcases have the option of either placing ant-tarnish strips or pads in the show case which can be hidden out of sight behind a display pad or tray.

When using anti tarnish products, be sure they are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and do not emit any chemicals or oils. If the strips are to be in contact with the jewelry, always use non-abrasive poly strips (not paper). Since anti-tarnish strips and pads must be replaced periodically for maximum effectiveness, it’s equally important to choose ones that have a saturation indicator so you know when to replace them.

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