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What does wearing jewelry have to do with toxins and the environment?


For the past 2 years there has been a large focus on keeping ourselves and our environment healthy and free from contaminants like viruses. We are all using many more cleaning products for our hands, household / business surfaces, and our clothing than ever before. Hands and surfaces are disinfected probably 10 times more than prior to 2019. This has also created more focus and analyses of the chemicals in cleaning products as we are exposed to them at a much greater rate than ever before.


In addition, people nowadays are also gaining more awareness about chemicals and detergents that come in contact with their skin, these also include makeup and lotions. Many websites give information regarding potentially dangerous chemicals in these cleaners such as parabens, VOC’s, ammonia, and bleach. While other sites list and review environmentally friendly products. We are learning that anything that goes on the skin can be absorbed into the body. These cleaning chemicals may also impact the air we breathe.

We begin to wonder if we are exposing our skin to any toxins or allergens. How does our body react to wearing jewelry? Is keeping our jewelry clean introducing irritation or allergens to our skin or lungs?

There is currently a tremendous focus on the environment and responsibility for corporations and individuals to respect and preserve our precious resources. When it comes to preventing the degradation of metals there are options that can also damage the environment as well as irritate your skin and lungs. Some jewelry packaging products that “outgas” (the release of gas once an anti-tarnish product becomes saturated) can negatively impact the environment as well as your health.

Intercept Technology has been involved in environmentally safe products since the mid 1990’s. There is no outgassing and there is no concern of dermatitis with direct contact to the skin. Intercept has even gotten the prestigious German Environmental Award. Demonstrating we are not only concerned about the environment and safety to humans when it’s becoming a topic of the moment, but we’ve been aware of the concern for this important issue for over 35 years! So, when you use Intercept tabs, bags or pouches to prevent your jewelry from tarnishing you can feel confident you are not damaging the environment or your health and safety.



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