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  • Packaging's effect on silver

    One of the most common issues that retailers and manufacturers of silver and silver jewelry experience, is tarnishing of their silver when stored and/or shipped in their boxes. Many of these companies find out after the fact, that their packaging, be it ring boxes, bracelet boxes, etc., is causing the silver to tarnish rapidly.

  • Silver Jewelry Sales Continue As Customers Opt for Affordability

    Silver has been a major player in jewelry industry for some time now. It should come as no surprise than that silver jewelry purchases for this holiday season are not only strong, but higher than last year. Retailers around the country are reporting widespread consumer preference for the precious metal as silver sales continue to rise.
  • The Storage Bag Solution For Your Silver

    Okay, we want to give you the scoop on storing your silver and other metal jewelry in plastic bags. Not just any plastic ziplock bag will do. Anti-tarnish ziplock bags protect your silver jewelry and other small metal valuables from tarnish while proividing visibility of your inventory. Available in a variety of sizes, these bags are ideal for the retailer or consumer looking to deliver their merchandise to the consumer in pristine condition. So, what distingishes an anti-tarnish plastic bag from a ordinary plastic bag? Let us explain.

    As you may know, plastic bags without any anti-tarnish protection seal moisture and tarnish-causing gases in with your jewelry. In addition, corrosive gases can eventually permeate the bag and damage the items inside. Therefore, when using plain plastic bags to store silver, it is often suggested to include an anti-tarnish strip. The ideal solution is to find a bag that incorporates tarnish protection as part of the bag itself, therefore safely eliminating this need for additional anti-tarnish precautions in your packaging. 

    When dealing with several types of jewelry and materials, it is crucial for your storage method to suit the jewelry being safeguarded. The optimum product for protecting your jewelry is non-toxic, non-abrasive tarnish prevention bags that are safe for all metals and gemstones, including pearls, emeralds, amber, opals, etc., Such a product allows the retailer, manufacturer, or consumer to use one product to efficiently store different kinds of jewelry. If you can find packaging that is also re-usable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly, you will had an added benefit to your jewelry storage.
  • Sterling Silver is Here to Stay

    Recently, Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care Co. attended the MJSA Expo New York. From production equipment to gemstones, industry professionals showcased anything and everything related to making and selling jewelry. After speaking with manufacturers, designers and other attendees, we left confident that silver is continuing to play a major role in the jewelry industry.