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Silver Jewelry Sales Continue As Customers Opt for Affordability

Silver has been a major player in jewelry industry for some time now. It should come as no surprise than that silver jewelry purchases for this holiday season are not only strong, but higher than last year. Retailers around the country are reporting widespread consumer preference for the precious metal as silver sales continue to rise.

Currently, it seems that silver is offering shoppers the opportunity to get more "bang for their buck" with regard to holiday gifts compared to what they are able to buy in gold and other higher-priced jewelry. Silver remains at an affordable price point while still offering the desired style component. While the economy slowly improves, consumers are spending again, but still with caution. Silver allows shoppers to buy a quality gift without going overboard.

For the time being, whether you are buying, selling, or collecting, it is silver's time to shine. The remaining high the price of gold combined with an increasing demand for mid-priced jewelry has created a favorable market for this precious metal. as a result many designers and retailers continue to increase their use of silver and in-store supply.

Do you think the silver momentum will last? Or will its shine fade as gold reclaims the spotlight?

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