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Sterling Silver is Here to Stay

intercept trade show sterling silver

Recently, Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care Co. attended the MJSA Expo New York. From production equipment to gemstones, industry professionals showcased anything and everything related to making and selling jewelry. After speaking with manufacturers, designers and other attendees, we left confident that silver is continuing to play a major role in the jewelry industry.

According to a Neilson survey released by the Silver Promotion Service, silver accounts for nearly 40% of jewelers' sales.

Okay, so what is so special about silver? Silver has always been popular, for both the manufacturer and consumer, because of its affordability, versatility, and timeless aesthetic. 

Because silver is so versatile, its malleability enables jewelry makers to create a variety of unique jewelry designs for their customers. Mixing style and sophistication with affordability, silver offers consumers the best of both worlds so to speak in poviding the opportunity to treat themselves to fine jewelry at a reasonable price point. Adding to its popularity is the the bright white hue of silver jewelry that flatters all skin tones as opposed to other precious metals. 

Being mindful of silver’s growing popularity with regard to its affordability is important to retailers and manufacturers who do not want to miss out on sales. Silver is significantly less expensive than gold, especially in recent months. The current precious metal market in which the price of gold remains high is allowing silver and other alternative metals to shine. In response, manufacturers and designers have increased their use of these metals.

As the popularity of silver continues, so does the need to protect its value. Silver is here to stay.

Watch a clip from the show!

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