Intercept Technology™ Tarnish & Corrosion Prevention Packaging

Information on Anti Tarnish Strips

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Jewelry Storage Box – Any manufacturer of jewelry or other precious metal items such as flatware or hollowware, knows the importance of storing the items properly to keep them shiny and tarnish free.

Silver Jewelry Storage – Have you ever gone to put on one of your favorite pieces of silver jewelry only to find it tarnished? Are you tired of spending time cleaning your silver jewelry and want a better solution for silver jewelry storage?

Jewelry Storage – Are you confused about the best jewelry storage methods? Do you want to keep your pieces looking beautiful for years to come?

Jewelry Pouch – There are thousands of different styles of the jewelry pouch on the market. Some can be customized with monogrammed lettering, there is a variety of fabrics to choose from and they come in all different shapes and sizes.

Flatware Storage – Do you have silver flatware that you need to store? Would you like your flatware storage device to keep your flatware clean and sparkling for your next dinner party?

Anti Tarnish Jewelry Boxes – Anti tarnish products for the jewelry and precious metal industries are primarily made for storing and shipping the items in order to ensure that the silver or other precious metal does not tarnish before it reaches the retailer, or while in storage at the retailer.

Anti Tarnish Paper – Anti tarnish paper and its alternatives are an integral component in the silver and jewelry care industries. Anti tarnish paper and alternatives help protect silver and other precious metals from tarnishing that destroys their value.

Anti Tarnish Strips – Anti tarnish strips are used in the silver and jewelry care industries in order to protect the silver pieces and the jewelry from tarnishing that can severely damage their value. Prior to the invention of effective strips many jewelry and silver manufacturers and retailers had to absorb the cost of damaged goods as part of the cost to do business.

Anti Tarnish Jewelry Box – An anti tarnish jewelry box may seem like something out of a Star Trek episode or a chapter of Alice in Wonderland. A jewelry box that protects its contents from tarnish and corrosion sounds like a great idea - but does one exist?

Corrosion Intercept – Corrosion Intercept is a revolutionary development by Lucent Technologies that has changed the silver and jewelry industries forever. Prior to the creation of this Intercept the jewelry and silver industries needed to rely on caustic, dangerous products that cold actually harm the metals they were intended to protect.

Corrosion Inhibitors – Corrosion inhibitors is a term often used in the aeronautic industry, manufacturing industry and other such industries. These inhibitors many not seem like a term you would often hear in the jewelry business, however, these are an integral part of the silver, jewelry and precious metals industries.

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors – Vapor corrosion inhibitor is a term used in several industries including: manufacturing and aeronautics. Though at first glance, it is unlikely to be a term you would expect to hear in the jewelry business.

Jewelry Packaging – Jewelry packaging may seem fairly mundane to some, however, those in the jewelry industry know how important proper jewelry packaging in. Beyond just the aesthetic value of jewelry packaging there is also the overall protection of the jewelry to take into consideration.

Silver Cloth – Silver cloth, unlike its name, is not some magical cloth that is made from silver threads - though the thought may be nice. The cloth is actually a commonly used term referring to anti-tarnish and anti-corrosion cloth that is used to protect silver from tarnishing.

Silver Storage – Silver storage can either help protect your silver or can be a breeding ground for tarnish and fungus. It is an essential component to the proper protection and storage of your silver.