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Jewelry Storage Boxes

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Any manufacturer of jewelry or other precious metal items such as flatware or hollowware, knows the importance of storing the items properly to keep them shiny and tarnish free.

Many retailers and other distributors of silver and precious metal items, are now requiring that manufactured products be shipped in a jewelry storage box or other device that will keep the item in pristine condition until it reaches the final customer.

Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care Co. recognizes the importance of protecting the items you manufacture. We are the proud distributor of the Intercept line up of products, which feature Corrosion Intercept® and Static Intercept®, Lucent Technologies patented polymers, designed to react with and permanently neutralize corrosive causes that lead to the tarnishing of precious metals, including silver.

We provide many large manufacturers with an assortment of our anti-tarnish strips, tabs, and pouches, including our latest jewelry storage box.

The Intercept jewelry storage box is perfect for the precious metal items you manufacture. It features:

  • Static Intercept® protection, a revolutionary product that bonds solid state reactive materials into a polymer matrix. This matrix then reacts with and neutralizes all corrosive gases that pass through or come in contact with the film. The corrosive gases are stopped in their tracks, and any metal item stored within the box stays shiny and sparkling.
  • The Static Intercept® jewelry storage box provides first rate tarnish protection for non-ferrous metals such as silver, gold, brass, bronze and copper, as well as ferrous metals.
  • Sturdy exterior allows for multiple uses over many years.
  • Protection from dust and moisture.
  • Provides up to 20 years of protection.

Learn more about Intercept Technology and how it works here.

The jewelry storage box from Intercept is ideal for many different types of companies and individuals, including:

  • Jewelry manufactures
  • Jewelers
  • Flatware and hollowware manufacturers
  • Jewelry designers
  • Jewelry Collectors

If you are interested in taking better precautions for the precious metal items you manufacture, distribute, or retail, contact Intercept Silver and Jewelry Care Co. today. Learn why organizations like the Guggenheim & NASA trust the science of Intercept Technology™ jewelry storage boxes!