Intercept Technology™ Tarnish & Corrosion Prevention Packaging

The Jewelry Pouch from Intercept

intercept anti tarnish technology jewelry pouch


There are thousands of different styles of the jewelry pouch on the market. Some can be customized with monogrammed lettering, there is a variety of fabrics to choose from and they come in all different shapes and sizes.

Yet, one jewelry pouch can actually protect jewelry from environmental elements, dust, scratches and more. The only jewelry pouch featuring the protection of Intercept is from Intercept Silver and Jewelry Care Co.

Intercept has a wide selection of jewelry pouches that are lined with the amazing patented polymers developed by Lucent Technologies.

Precious metal items like jewelry and other keepsakes become tarnished due to the reaction of the metal with environmental factors. You may have noticed that not all of your jewelry, including your silver jewelry tarnishes the same way. Some pieces may require regular cleanings to keep them shiny, yet other pieces rarely tarnish. The reason you may find some of your pieces tarnish more than others is because of the actual make up of the piece. Here are some common materials and their wear factors.

Rhodium Plating – Some of your silver jewelry may be coated with a layer of rhodium as a finish. Rhodium is often used because it is a brilliant white metal that protects the piece from tarnishing, but it can have uneven wear, and often needs to be re-plated. Rhodium plated pieces tend to be more expensive due to the high cost of rhodium. Most times, if a piece has become severely scratched, it may be cost prohibitive to repair the piece because the repair costs can be more than the piece is worth.

Quality of the Silver – Not surprisingly, not all silver is of the same quality. Sterling silver jewelry is not solid silver; it is alloyed with additional metals and then used to make jewelry since solid silver lacks durability. Sterling silver will have a 925 stamp indicating that the piece is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals.

Faux Silver – You may even have some pieces that are particularly troublesome and that can be caused by the fact that they aren't actually silver, but are a base metal covered with silver or rhodium plating. If you notice dull spots where the plating has worn off, you may mistake it as tarnish. In fact, faux silver pieces typically don't tarnish because they are not silver. Again, these pieces are typically less expensive and you may want to retire them when they wear out.

For those pieces that you want to protect, purchase one of the many jewelry pouch designs available from Intercept and you'll receive up to 20 years tarnish protection. With many sizes to choose from, you are sure to find one that meets your unique needs.

  • Intercept Keepsafe® 6"x4" anti-htarnish drawstring bag features quality nylon exterior with the patented Corrosion Intercept® inside.
  • Intercept Keepsafe® 7"x4"x2" anti-tarnish small Velcro® bag with a pleated design that allows you to store your larger pieces. The fold over Velcro closure gives you added security.
  • Intercept Keepsafe® 9"x14" anti-tarnish three zippered pocket bag is excellent with its three large, fully zippered pockets, each having Corrosion Intercept® inside. Ideal for your large pieces and other silver keepsake items.
  • Intercept Keepsafe® 10"x18.5" anti-tarnish five zippered pocket jewelry storage bag is perfect for jewelry storage of large items and other silver items like flatware or hollowware.

Check out Intercept Silver and Jewelry Care Co.'s website to see their complete line-up of anti tarnish jewelry pouch designs. Learn how the Intercept jewelry pouches offer protection from tarnish to all your precious jewelry.