Intercept Technology™ Tarnish & Corrosion Prevention Packaging

Jewelry Packaging - jewelry packaging

Jewelry packaging may seem fairly mundane to some, however, those in the jewelry industry know how important proper jewelry packaging in. Beyond just the aesthetic value of jewelry packaging there is also the overall protection of the jewelry to take into consideration.

Jewelry packaging includes the packaging used to ship jewelry as well as the packaging used to store jewelry pre and post-sale. Jewelry packaging ranges from boxes to bags, from envelopes to pouches.

The jewelry industry has been taking jewelry packaging much more seriously in recent years by combining jewelry packaging with anti-corrosion and anti-tarnish protection. Prior to the combining of jewelry packaging with anti-corrosion and anti-tarnish protection, jewelry manufacturers and retailers had to treat their jewelry prior to packaging it.

The problem many manufacturers and retailers were finding, however, was that the anti tarnish and anti-corrosion products they were using were often caustic and/or highly abrasive. Putting their jewelry at risk, or their staff was an unacceptable choice.

With the advancement of anti-corrosion and anti-tarnish technology by industry giant Intercept™ Technology - jewelry packaging has reached an all new level. Corrosion Intercept™ and Static Intercept™ by Lucent Technologies are now integral components to the jewelry packaging chosen by many of the world's top manufacturers, retailers and jewelry owners.

Relied on by companies such as NASA, the Royal Mint of England, Raytheon, the Home Shopping Network, The Guggenheim Museum and countless jewelry manufacturers around the world, jewelry packaging that includes Corrosion Intercept™ and Static Intercept™ are considered by many to be the finest in the industry.

By using jewelry packaging that combine these two revolutionary technologies, Corrosion Intercept™ and Static Intercept™, the jewelry is being protected as it is being stored. Corrosion Intercept™ is a patented system that uses semi-conductor technology that actually transforms plastic into a protective barrier that reacts with and permanently neutralizes gases and protects silver and precious metals from corrosive gases, fungus and bacteria.

The jewelry packaging that includes Corrosion Intercept™ is made up of highly reactive copper particles that are bonded into a polymer matrix (basically it creates a film) that reacts with and permanently neutralizes corrosive gases that come in contact with the film. This barrier is virtually impenetrable by these corrosive gases making Corrosion Intercept™ a highly effective way to protect your jewelry with the jewelry packaging itself.

Intercept™ Silver & Jewelry Care Company is proud to offer a complete line of jewelry packaging that uses both Corrosion Intercept™ and Static Intercept™ technology in order to offer your jewelry the most protection possible, without using caustic, dangerous and often abrasive treatments.

By offering anti-tarnish and anti-corrosion protection in the jewelry packaging itself, Intercept™ Silver & Jewelry Care Company offers a system for packaging jewelry that streamlines the manufacturing and storage process making it more efficient and economical.

The one-step of packaging jewelry and protecting it by using jewelry packaging with Intercept™ technology has changed the jewelry industry. It is easy to see why Intercept™ has become synonymous with the finest quality jewelry packaging.