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Stop Constantly Polishing Your Silver!

Are you tired of always having to clean and polish your jewelry? We've got good news and bad news. The bad news is that silver will always be prone to tarnish. The good news is that you can prevent it! It's time to stop constantly polishing your silver and spend your time in a more useful way.

stop polishing silver

With sterling silver, polishing will not negatively affect it. However, if you own silver plated jewelry pay attention to this information. Polishing accelerates the erosion of the silver plate on your jewelry. A very tiny amount of the metal itself is being wiped away each time you polish. Therefore, the less you need to polish the longer your silver plated jewelry will last. when you prevent tarnish on your metal valuables, you spend less time polishing and prolong the life of your jewelry collection.

Although liquid chemical jewelry cleaners and dips are available, we do not recommend using these in place of silver polishing cloths to clean your jewelry as they can cause discoloration. A non-abrasive microfiber polishing cloth like the one pictured to the right should do the trick to wipe away makeup, skin oils, or other deposits on your jewelry.

Polish only occasionaly if you can! How can you do this? Investing in good quality tarnish prevention products will not only keep your jewelry bright but also prevent you from wearing away the base metal on plated pieces with constant polishing.

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