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Jewelry Packaging For Your Holiday Gifts

Stock Up On Your Anti Tarnish Packaging 

The holiday shopping season is in full effect! With retailers predicting strong sales for jewelry in the upcoming weeks, it's a good idea to protect your purchases and gifts with proper tarnish prevention storage.

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From a retailer's point of view, fabric anti-tarnish jewelry pouches (like the ones you see to the left) are an appealing way to present your merchandise to holiday shoppers. These store your pieces in luxurious fabric while offering the added value of tarnish and corrosion protection. Going beyond an ordinary bag, jewelry pouches with the tarnish prevention component are a worthwhile investment for both the retailer and the end customer as they diminish the need for constant polishing.

From a consumer's point of view, jewelry can often carry a hefty price tag. Don't let your money go to waste by allowing tarnish to dull your piece. Efficient storage is key! Consider giving not just jewelry but also the gift or tarnish protection and preservation along with it. These jewelry pouches are non-toxic and non-abrasive so they are perfectly safe for storing your silver and gemstone pieces.

If you prefer to see the jewelry being stored, perhaps anti-tarnish ziplock bags are the product for you. Whatever jewelry packaging method you choose for your valuables, make sure it has tarnish protection.

To learn more about how to prevent tarnish on your silver keepsakes and jewelry click here.

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