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Don't Tarnish Your Holiday Sales: Protect Your Silver Inventory

Good news! Jewelers are predicting a strong holiday shopping season, especially for silver. This precious metal, however, can be challenging to keep clean. Is your merchandise ready for the holiday rush?

Tarnish in jewelry display cases is a common problem for retailers. The darkened appearance of jewelry displays can cost you sales. With holiday shoppers on the hunt for something shiny and brilliant, the last thing a customer wants to purchase is a discolored piece of silver. Display cases often contain airborne chemicals, sulfur, and other corrosive gases that accelerate tarnishing. Beware of some woods and glues that display cases are may be made of that can also contain sulfur.

Having to pull out all your jewelry and clean constantly is time-consuming and a hassle. Retailers can benefit from an anti-tarnish filtration systemsavailable. Designed to protect a sealed environment, such as a display case, these systems absorb and neutralize corrosive gases in the air that contribute to the tarnish dilema. This allows the jewelry to stay efficiently protected in the case while being seen by the customer. Time and effort are not wasted cleaning your silver. Maintaining a polished inventory this shopping season will be made easier with proper anti-tarnish prevention.

Happy Holidays!

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