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You Can't Print Silver, You Can't Print Gold...

You Can't Print Silver & Gold....

The Recent Demand For More Paper Money

The stimulus packages, the bail outs, etc... Where is all this magic money coming from? Its almost as if it appeared out of thin air. Of course, it didn't print out of thin air, but it was generated in a similar fashion: the FED's magic money printer. It seems like any time they need cash, they always seem to find a way to get it.

It is great that citizens were able to receive aid during the COVID crisis to help them survive through the pandemic, but what most don't realize is that all this money being printed 'out of thin air' is devaluing the U.S. currency and increasing the rate of inflation more than it already is. And since the USD is the global reserve currency, it devalues all flat currencies. Luckily for those of us that have invested in silver, gold, and other precious metals; they still haven't figured out a way to 3D-print those assets.

The REAL Cost of Getting Physical Silver

In addition to the powers at be unable to generate precious metals on demand, the pandemic has slowed mining production of all precious metals by a significant percentage. It makes you wonder if this is why the digital price of silver is about $28 an ounce, but to physically get an ounce of silver in your hands, your looking at anywhere between $32-35 an ounce (Silver was $18 just 5-6 weeks ago). Go to ANY silver retailer, add an ounce of silver to your cart, and see for yourself what the real price of silver is.

Silver Mining Yields (Not including 2020):

The Round Up

These facts would support the reason why banks and the wealthy have been buying silver and gold at a higher rate than we have seen in many years. If anyone knows whats going on behind the scenes, it is the bankers and super rich of the United States. Precious metals and possibly even cryptocurrencies would be a great hedge if we are getting ready to see hyper inflation of the flat currency system. Why? Because those are assets that cannot be created on demand when governments find their nation in dire financial straits. This is especially true with silver and gold not only historically being used as currency for thousands of years, but now silver is also being used extensively in the industrial sector (mostly for the electronics we all use on a daily basis.) Other usage of silver is followed in a distant second by the jewelry sector and third for investment purposes. This indicates that the utility of silver is increasing, and with the increase of utility we will surely see an increase in demand.

"Currently we’re seeing a surge of applications for silver-based biocides in all areas: industrial, commercial and consumer. New products are being introduced almost daily. Established companies are incorporating silver based products in current lines - clothing, refrigerators, mobile phones, computers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, keyboards, countertops, furniture handles and more. The newest trend is the use of nano-silver particles to deliver silver ions."    - The Silver Institute

Whether it is silver rounds, bars, or jewelry; the rate of the paper in all our wallets will lose value faster than precious metals. Especially in the modern digital age of instant information, massive bailouts, trillions of yearly national debt, and further understanding of how our economic system actually works by the average person. Understanding on how to protect your individual wealth has become much more of a priority as we all see the current economic system become jeopardized by economic shutdowns, rumors of a '2nd wave' of COVID-19, and growing political tensions. 

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