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Cleaning and Disinfecting Jewelry

Jewelry gets handled by a lot of people from the time it is created to the time the consumer gets it. It has to be mined, purified, molded, packaged, and then sold either in a retail store or by an online vendor. That’s a lot of people, surfaces, hands, etc. This means bacteria. Potentially harmful bacteria. Nobody wants that on their jewelry as it is handled every time you take it on or off and is mostly worn close to openings in the body such as your ears, mouth, and on your hands (which touch everything).

It is not unusual for the product you have purchased to have not been disinfected properly. When most people come to realize this, they quickly search for a reliable way to properly keep their belongings sanitized which may include using some sort of bactericide (a substance that kills bacteria). Most bactericide comes in some form of liquid substance that you either use to polish or soak the object in. Bactericides have a wide variety of applications, but are used mainly in agriculture to spray on crops to protect them from bugs as well as micro-organisms. Using these products takes up time, can be messy, and also potentially harmful to children, pets, and the environment.




Properly cleaning your product after you purchase it is recommended. Without proper storage, sanitizing your jewelry can become a tedious process. However, with proper storage, you can not only prevent bacteria growing all over your metals or jewelry, but you can keep it free from tarnish and corrosion as well.



Some people simply store their items in a box or standard plastic bag. This does nothing for the bacteria that is already living on your jewelry. Others take the time to soak or wash their items to ensure max effectiveness. While occasionally cleaning your items with a bactericide is always recommended, it doesn’t have to be a frequent obligation. What if there was a special type of packaging that acted as a bactericide without having to do any work or use any other product? Well I’ve got good news; there is! Intercept zip-lock bags and pouches are not passive solutions, but they actively protect your valuables as long as they are in one of our bags and sealed. Simply store the object in the bag and our patented material will do the rest. With Intercept, we make products that bring peace of mind, affordability, and are very practical for anyone owning jewelry to use.

Extra tips to protect your jewelry:

- Don't sleep in your jewelry

- Put on makeup BEFORE your jewelry

- Try to avoid getting water on jewelry

- Don't wear your jewelry at the gym

- And of course, store your jewelry properly


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