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Upcycled Jewelry


Jewelry is changing” has been the recurring theme of my blogs over the past month. While this period of adjustment has proven mentally taxing for some in the industry, it has also been enlightening and reassuring.

We know that humanity’s love of jewelry isn’t fading, but in some cases jewelry preferences are deviating from what designers have considered long established tastes.

This new trend of individual expression has lead to the creation of some really unique and interesting pieces – but what’s caught our eye the most this year is some of the upcycled jewelry that’s been created.

Upcycling” refers to the reusing of discarded objects or material in such a way as to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original. In the case of jewelry, upcycling results in pieces that are creative, quirky and at times just downright gorgeous. Here’s a list of Intercept Silver and Jewelry Care Co.’s favorite upcycled jewelry pieces so far this year (in no particular order)...


Wine Bottle Jewelry

In our Internet travels we came across a DIY guide on how to turn empty wine bottles into jewelry. Saved By Love Creations provides step-by-step instructions on how to turn the seemingly useless into something engaging and charming! If all goes well and according to plan, you could turn your old bottle into this:

Ring Pendant Low Res

(photo from Saved By Love Creations)

Some may have more material to work with than others when it comes to wine bottle jewelry, but when all is said and done, the end result for these types of pieces are one less bottle in a landfill and one more piece in your collection!


Fancy Coin Cufflinks

Cufflinks are time-honored accessory that never seem to go out of style. Equally as practical as they are aesthetic, many deem the cufflink an essential part of their wardrobe that allows for personal expression. We came across a company named World Coin Cufflinks that repurposes old and new coins alike, turning them into eye-catching cufflinks.

What’s even more interesting is that you can choose coins from a variety of countries, and as stated by World Coin Cufflinks themselves, this allows the wearer, “to connect with the culture, heritage and identity of the coin and its country of origin”.

While this may not have any great environmental impact (people don’t usually go around throwing currency into landfills), turning what may be thought of as bland and everyday objects into a statement piece is noteworthy.

 Canada Cufflinks

(photo from World Coin Cufflinks)


Bike Chain Bracelets, Earrings and Necklaces

A broken bike chain isn’t something most people would get excited about, but the folks at Tread and Pedals obviously see things a bit differently. Based out of Australia, Tread and Pedals repurposes bike chains, gears, bearings and cogs into a multitude of newly fashioned objects- jewelry being one of them.

In our opinion, Tread and Pedal are kicking upcycling into high gear (puns fully intended). Not only are these pieces environmentally friendly, they’re terrifically distinct and would appeal not only to cycling enthusiasts, but anyone with eccentric taste.

bike chain bracelet 

(photo from Tread and Pedals)


Circuit Board Jewelry

Based out of Rochester, New York, Circuit Breaker Labs takes circuit boards bound for landfills and uses them to create some fantastic looking jewelry! Not only does this reduce our environmental footprint, it also creates art out of something most people would consider useless.

We found this display of creativity ingenious and exciting for tech lovers and art aficionados alike. As far as Intercept is concerned, together we must remain vigilant in protecting the planet and those who inhabit it.

A solution to the problem of e-waste such as the one posed by Circuit Breaker Labs serves as a victory in multiple ways, preserving the environment and making it a more alluring place for all!

 circuit board jewelry

(photo from Circuit Breaker Labs)


Bullet Jewelry

9MM Silver Owl Necklace

(photo from Bullet Designs, Inc.)

The last of our favorite upcycled jewelry is from Bullet Designs, Inc. Normally one wouldn't associate bullets and empty shell casings with adornment, but once again creative minds have come together and put a unique spin on something that would previously have been viewed as useless.

Based out of Ruston, Louisiana, Bullet Designs has a staggering amount of product offerings, including jewelry pieces ranging from bracelets and earrings, to tuxedo studs and necklaces. What's more, you can even specify as to which gauge, bullet size and caliber you want included in your piece of jewelry. If you're a hunter, gun collector or enthusiast, why don't you give Bullet Designs a shot! 

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