Intercept Technology™ Tarnish & Corrosion Prevention Packaging

The Three R's


A tarnish prevention product has one primary purpose - to stop the degradation of whatever it’s aimed to protect. However, many tarnish prevention products use ineffective and toxic materials that compromise the integrity of your jewelry.

Certain tarnish prevention products contain metals that corrode over time when exposed to certain reactive gases in the atmosphere. Specific coatings can cause chemical reactions to the metal in your jewelry, while others are comprised of abrasive materials that actually damage your jewelry.

We already know that Intercept Technology™ is the most effective way to prevent tarnish, but what about when your tarnish prevention packaging is disposed of? Leaving the smallest ecological footprint possible is a top objective of Intercept Technology™.


Due to Intercept Technology™ material construction - a little goes a long way. Our products are humidity-independent and are placed inside your previously existing jewelry boxes. This puts an end to the replacement of packaging and the addition of more waste to landfills.

It is advised that one (1) Intercept Technology™ 1" x 1" strip should be, under normal conditions, sufficient to provide protection for the inside of a container that measures 30 cubic inches. In our experience, this effective area proves more than sufficient to protect most pieces of jewelry.

It also provides you with adaptability in packaging options, and longevity in storage. When not in use, our tarnish prevention products have a 10 year shelf life and a 12 month active life. You’ll no longer have to replace your tarnish prevention materials due to a long period of storage.


Perhaps our products’ most exciting feature is its re-usability. Plain and simple, the ability to reuse any material saves you time and money. It also means less non-biodegradable waste in the environment. One of the key benefits of Intercept™ is just that: our products can be used for several cycles. This will allow for substantial benefits in your production and supply cycle, as well as in the handling of products.

To be clear, our products do need to be replaced once they have reached the end of their life. This can be clearly seen due to its color-changing nature. Often times though, manufacturers are able to use one Intercept Technology™ tab/bag/sheet from the onset of their jewelry’s production, through transit, storage in wholesale or retail, and all the way to the sale of a customer.


Intercept™ tarnish prevention packaging is patented. Since we don't claim "trade secrets" in the same way many other tarnish prevention products do, we have nothing to hide. Our products contain a highly reactive surface area copper embedded into a polymer. Nothing else.

No volatiles, no carcinogens, no abrasives! Intercept Technology™ has won environmental awards, whereas many other tarnish prevention products have restrictions placed on them in other countries regarding health and environmental concerns. It meets all national and international regulations for the recycling of coloured and uncoloured plastic products and can be disposed of without any problems.

Intercept Technology™ reduces the amount of waste added to landfills, production of toxic corrosion inhibitors, and number of jewelry packaging as a whole! Abiding by the law of the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle, we’re able to provide you with quality tarnish prevention packaging and little-to-no cost to the environment.

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