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Silver Still Shining in the Jewelry Industry

Not long ago Intercept silver & Jewelry Care Co. was an exhibitor at the annual MJSA Expo New York. With show attendance up from last year, there was no shortage of industry experts, jewelry professionals, and students buzzing around the Hilton New York.

After talking with all types of professionals from the jewelry industry that attended the show, we gathered that it is still a great time for silver and, therefore, a great time for tarnish prevention as well. With more and more silver designs being created and sold, there is a subsequent increase in the need for efficient anti-tarnish protection of that silver from the place of manufacture all the way to the jewelry box at home.

The annual "Silver Jewelry Buying Trends" survey released last week by the Silver Promotion Service (SPS) revealed a strong performance by silver. Here are some of the notable statistics:

  • 77% of retailers said that their silver jewelry sales increased in 2012
  • On average, the increase in silver jewelry sales for 2012 was 19%

The findings in this study are consistent with this particular precious metal's growth over the past couple years. Consumers, retailers and designers now look at silver in a major way. It's timeless style, versatility, and affordability in comparison to higher priced metals simply cannot be ignored.

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