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Do Retailers Really Need Tarnish Prevention Packaging?

There are many types of silver storage and jewelry packaging items available today. While their purpose may be the same, quality and efficiency are what separate the best from the rest. But do we really need tarnish prevention packaging? Retailers say yes, and they require it from their vendors! The trusted storage that retailers prefer is based on proven long-term, non-toxic protection that successfully prevents tarnish.
retailers tarnish preventionTo the uninformed consumer, it may appear as though all anti-tarnish products work the same. However there are major differences that can significantly impact the life of your metal valuables. Some so-called "protection" products can actually harm your silver. Charcoal-based solutions, for example, run the risk of releasing absorbed corrosive gases back out onto your stored jewelry and can cause scratching. Similarly, Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) are abrasive, toxic and may leave deposits behind on your jewelry. There is a reason Intercept is unparalleled when it comes to delivering superior anti-tarnish protection that is highly effective, safe for the user, the item it protects and the environment.So how important is the tarnish prevention component of your jewelry packaging? It's extremely important because environmental corrosion is ever increasing and so are the challenges of keeping silver and other metal valuables from tarnishing under these worsening conditions. The rising amounts of H2S and other tarnish causing gases in the air affect all levels of the retail supply chain from jewelry manufacturing plants overseas to warehouses, safes, and display cases here in the U.S., right down to customers at home. For retailers, tarnished merchandise costs them money through vendor and customer returns and lost sales, especially in highly polluted regions like Asia and India where a lot of silver jewelry is manufactured. Retailers simply cannot afford to lose potential sales because their merchandise is not up to par.

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