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Real Jewelry Month: Thanking Of Birthstones


The month of November marks Real Jewelry Month and it couldn't come at a more perfect time because the holiday shopping season is just around the corner! Since many of us will be on the hunt for jewelry, birthstones are a popular gift to scout for after Thanksgiving because of all the special sales and deals on Black Friday. But, are you wondering what Real Jewelry Month is? It was coordinated by Jewelers of America to highlight the value and timeless appeal of fine jewelry. Jewelers of America is a national trade association that has a primary purpose of promoting consumer confidence in the jewelry industry through advocacy in government, public and industry affairs. At any rate, 2015 jewelry retail sales is anticipated to be strong and according to Statista, approximately $78.1 billion was spent on fine jewelry and watches in 2014, so it is safe to say this year will be roughly the same, if not more.


January – Garnet

Garnet is the birthstone for the month of January and it is available in a rainbow of colors. This is good news for every gifter because it will be easy to find this stone in someone's favorite color. From deep reds to mandarin orange to vibrant green – garnet may be one of the most versatile when it comes to color. This stone is believed to hold protective powers and many ancient travelers would carry garnet to protect them during their journeys.

February – Amethyst

Amethyst is the birthstone for the month of February and typically comes in a few different purple hues that can range from deep shades to ones that have a softer lilac hue. During ancient times, Romans and Greeks thought amethyst kept intoxicating powers at bay and would keep the individual clear headed. While all those stories are of legends and myths, amethyst makes for a great birthstone because it complements both gold and silver metals.

March – Aquamarine

Aquamarine sounds just as it looks and this blue birthstone is perfect for those with birthdays in March. Aquamarine has a soothing color range that can vary from pale blues to deep shades that reminds one of the sea. Some used to theorize that the gemstone would protect sailors and give them a safe voyage across the ocean.

April – Diamonds

Some might think those born in April are the luckiest of them all because their birthstone is diamond. Everyone loves a stunning diamond and since they are commonly a symbol of love, they can be the perfect gift. While many of us know of their sparkling and pure look, they can be found in a few colors like pink, blue, yellow and a few others.

May – Emerald

Emerald is the birthstone for May and it's perfect because it carries that vivid and gorgeous green color that's synonymous with the springtime. Emerald symbolizes a few things like good fortune, youth and love. It's most stunning when paired with silver and white metals because it makes the gem stand out.

June – Pearls

While June has three birthstones, Alexandrite, Moonstone and pearls, the most popular one of them all is the pearl. For centuries, pearls have been a common jewelry adornment because they have a natural beauty that doesn't require polishing or faceting since they are the only gems from living sea creatures. Anyone with a June birthday would love pearls this holiday season!

July – Rubies

The ruby is harder than any other natural gemstone besides the diamond, which makes it extremely durable for daily wear. Since it's the July birthstone, the vivid red gem can make for a wonderful jeweled gift when paired with silver or white metals. It's said to represent health, wisdom and love and was believed to give the wearer good fortune.

August – Peridot

The August birthstone, peridot, is the one of the very few gemstones that exists in one color, which is a distinctive lime green. While there are a few shades and hues, the most popular tends to be the bright lime and olive green variations. Some believe that peridot gives the wearer protection against nightmares and provides them with power.

September – Sapphire

Sapphire is widely known for its rich blue color and is the birthstone for September. It can come in different colors like green, pink and yellow, but the deep blue tends to be the most desirable. The color blue represents trust and loyalty, so it's a great gift for those who are the closest to you.

October – Opal & Tourmaline

Those with birthdays in the fall month of October have two birthstones: Opal & Tourmaline. These two stones are unique in their own ways as Opal has a one-of-a-kind color combo and Tourmaline is considered a bi-color and tri-color gem.

November – Topaz & Citrine

The month of November also has two birthstones: Citrine & Topaz. Citrine truly evokes the month of November because it takes on the colors of fall like lemony yellows to bright orange-browns. When it comes to topaz, it's also a great representation of November when it comes in the desiredImperial shade that's a brownish orange with some pink undertones.

December – Turquoise, Zircon & Tanzanite

The December birthstone is a toss-up between three different gems that all have a variation of the color blue. This can make it easier for you to choose a birthstone because you'll be able to pick from Turquoise, Zircon and Tanzanite gems that have their own special beauties.

Birthstone Jewelry Care


Now that you have a reference guide to all of the birthstone gems, you can head out to the stores and find the gems for all those special people on your gifting list. But, you can't forget to give them something extra to care for such gorgeous stones. In order to help them maintain the brilliance of their gift, be sure to provide them with anti-tarnish products to protect the metals around the gems from tarnish. This will help maintain their shiny finish and will show them that you put a lot of thought into the gift!

Are you ready to start shopping for the perfect gift this holiday season?

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