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5 Things You Didn't Know about Intercept Technology™ Used in Our Jewelry Packaging



At Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care Co., we offer the best products for the protection of your valuable silver jewelry and other pieces. These bags and boxes keep your items from tarnishing, extending their life and saving you money on replacements and cleaning products. However, most people have no idea that Intercept Technology™ originated here in the United State at Bell Labs, and that it has many uses besides simply protecting jewelry. Here are some of the key things to know about this revolutionary material, starting with one we just mentioned.

1.      Intercept Technology™ Products Can Be Used for More than Just Jewelry and Silverware

While we specifically focus on jewelry care, the unique technology in our products is employed in many other industries and for many other purposes. For instance sensitive electronics during transit are applications of the material.

Even among the more specific line of Intercept Technology™ products that we carry, the possible uses vary far beyond jewelry and your grandmother's silver set. You could also store such diverse items as valuable coins, pictures, vintage pill boxes, watches, flasks, antique skeleton keys, belt buckles, figurines, and even things like vintage toy cars.

2.      It Was Awarded for Environmental Friendliness

Intercept Technology™ received several awards from the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, a German governmental research body. One of the major pitfalls of metal preservation methods before Bell Labs created their groundbreaking technology was that they required the use of harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals. This usually resulted in the release of toxic gases and could not only be harmful to workers handling them, but also to the very materials that they were meant to protect. Intercept Technology products have eliminated those side-effects completely. The German Hazardous Materials Safety Award honors Intercept's commitment to finding an alternative method of metal preservation.

In addition to being safe, Intercept Technology™ polymers are actually recyclable, ensuring that less waste is dumped into landfills. Once actually thrown out, however, Intercept's products won't remain solid; after a time, they break down to a fine polymer dust, leaving very little impact on the environment and lessening the total amount of material in the landfill.

intercept anti tarnish technology statue of liberty

3.      It Was Created after a Restoration of the Statue of Liberty

Intercept Technology™ was actually developed by Alcatel-Lucent's Bell Labs as a result of restoration work being done on the Statue of Liberty from 1984-86. Many plates of the copper were damaged and deteriorating and, as part of the work to restore them, some plates that were replaced, did not match Lady Liberty's 100 year-old copper By figuring out how to make the new copper plates corrode fast so as to match the statue’s existing patina, Bell Labs was able to find a way to slow down the process of corrosion that caused the patina, which later developed into the Intercept Technology™.

4.      It Works by Neutralizing Corrosive Gases

Essentially, corrosion happens through a reaction between metals and corrosive gases such as hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide, carbonyl sulfide, and hydrogen sulfide. Instead of merely attempting to keep these substances out, as many other products have failed to do, Intercept's products incorporate copper particles bonded to a polymer, which, when the harmful gases attempt to pass through it, are neutralized. This actually cleans the air within a container, such as a bag or box, of all such contaminants and ensures a purified space for your valuable items to exist in without corroding

5.      It is Used by Professional Jewelers to Keep Products Tarnish-Free

Those who make or sell jewelry for a living have a lot of incentive to keep it clean and shiny. After all, a customer who orders a gift for his wife won't be happy if she opens the box to find a dirty-looking, tarnished piece. There are a lot of elements to protect jewelry from in business: there's air exposure when pieces are displayed or pulled out, and dust is a constant enemy. And when selling, you never quite know how long certain items will sit in a showcase, or stored in a bag or box, before being bought. Whether you are selling on TV, online on sites like Etsy, or from an actual brick-and-mortar store, keeping jewelry tarnish free is a necessity if you want to retain your client base.

Such prestigious groups as HSN actually require their vendors to use Intercept Technology™ products in order to keep the jewelry they sell looking bright and new. The anti-tarnish properties of the bags, boxes, pouches, and strips that we sell here at Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care Co. help professional jewelers to offer the best to their customers.

Intercept Technology™ is state-of-the-art, as we have good cause to know. Check out our products or contact us for more information today!

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