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Tips for Caring for Your Holiday Ornaments

Tips for Ornaments

If you enjoy decorating your home for the holidays, then you’re probably already getting ready to add festive flair to your home for the upcoming season. While embellishing your home can be a fun activity and is a festive way to celebrate the new season, it’s crucial that you properly display and care for your decorations to ensure their longevity. With Christmas approaching, consider these tips to care for your seasonal decorations and keep them looking their best now and for years to come.

Beware of Light Levels When Displaying Decorations

When you display your items, keep in mind the light levels in your home. You shouldn’t hang old, painted ornaments in an area that receives a lot of light as it can cause the paint or design to fade.

tree ornamentsEnsure Protection in the Case that Ornaments Fall

If you have young children or pets, you probably already know that ornaments can come off the tree or area they are displayed. To prevent the ornaments from cracking or experiencing any damage in the instance that they come off, place foam padding under the tree skirt and don’t place items in areas that can be easily reached by pets or children.

Clean Decorations Gently

Many old and classic ornaments have hand-painted designs, so in order to keep these designs looking new they should be cleaned gently with a cloth or soft fabric. Don’t use soap and water as these can cause designs to decay. They should be stored in a box with dividers so the ornaments don’t bump or scratch each other. Silver decorations can be stored in anti-tarnish bags.

Keep Cloth Items Safe from Moisture

Don’t overlook the need for proper care of your tree skirt or embroidered tablecloths. They too need to be kept safe from moisture and dust. They should be stored in vacuum-storage bags.

Use Quality Storage Materials

When storing fragile ornaments, proper storage is critical and the storage materials you use should be of high quality, but what exactly does "high quality" entail?...

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