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The Five Bad “S” Words to Avoid Keeping Your Jewelry Safe from Tarnish

We all have jewelry that we love and treasure; just as we most likely all have simpler pieces that we have sitting at the bottom of our jewelry box collecting dust. Regardless of how precious or invaluable the items in your jewelry collection are, there are particular ways to care for jewelry that everyone should know. It doesn’t matter how often we may wear a set of earrings, or how expensive the diamond necklace your husband bought you was or how old the wrist watch your Grandmother gave you when you were little is… most jewelry has history behind it—and preserving that history is important. Below is a list of the top five worst “S” words we want every jewelry owner to know in order to better protect your pieces and prevent tarnishing those special metals (and memories).


  1. SHOWER. It may seem obvious; no one should ever shower without first taking off the bling. Just as natural as it seems to remove your clothes, glasses, hats and shoes, everybody should be adding jewelry to that list of items to strip off before washing up. It doesn’t take much for water to tarnish your metals over time.
  2. SWEAT. We may think interference is the only reason to remove jewelry during a sporting event or at the gym, but sweat is another valid argument as well. Not only can a long, dangling chain be a distraction or a physical interference during sports games with earrings and rings becoming safety violations as well, but we should also be concerned with tarnishing our precious jewelry with heavy sweating.
  3. SWIM. As mentioned previously, water can be quite damaging to jewelry for several reasons. Along with metals, gems and stones are fairly susceptible to tarnish and shine loss and the chlorine in swimming pools will damage your jewels as well. We recommend bringing along a small, soft little pouch to slip those pretty earrings or bracelet in before taking a dip.
  4. SLEEP. This one may not seem quite as obvious, but sleeping with jewelry on can be very damaging. Not only can jewelry break or get lost while sleeping, but it can become tarnished or scratched if kept on overnight. Since one is unconscious, there is no way to be careful or cautious about their pieces of jewelry… not to mention the probability of sweating, accidentally hitting it or scratching it. Perhaps keeping a cute little dish next to your bed on a night stand where you can remove your daily bling would be helpful. That way, you don’t even have to get up to protect your goodies!
  5. SPRAY. Last but most certainly not least, sprays are the most damaging of all “S” words in regards to jewelry upkeep. Hairspray, perfumes, deodorants, etc., all contain harmful chemicals that are going to exponentially decrease the life and quality of your most precious gems and metals. (Tip: Put jewelry on last when getting ready!)

Intercept Silver & Jewelry Co. understands how important your jewelry is to you which is why we sell various anti tarnish products, such as anti tarnish paper to help protect your valuables. Contact us today for more information.

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