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Tackling Tarnish: Common Myths and Misconceptions About Silver Care

Silver, with its timeless beauty and elegance, is a cherished metal in the world of jewelry, flatware, and other precious items. Unfortunately, silver tarnish is a persistent issue that many individuals and businesses face. To protect your valuable silver possessions, it's crucial to separate facts from myths when it comes to silver care. Let’s debunk some common misconceptions and share valuable insights on maintaining the shine, brilliance, and luster of your silver treasures.

anti tarnish jewelry care

Common Silver Care Myths and Real Solutions

Myth 1: Silver Tarnish is Inevitable

Many believe that tarnish is an inevitable part of owning silver items. However, with Intercept Technology™ packaging, it's possible to prevent tarnish by neutralizing the corrosive gasses that cause it. This means your silver can maintain its shine and brilliance for years to come.

Myth 2: Polishing Silver is the Only Solution

Frequent silver polishing can be time-consuming and may even cause abrasion to the metal over time. Intercept Technology™ packaging eliminates the need for constant polishing, saving you time and preserving your silver's longevity.

Myth 3: Storing Silver in Airtight Containers and Bags are Sufficient

Storing silver in airtight containers and bags can offer some protection, but they won't shield your silver from all tarnish-causing factors since corrosive gases can still seep in. Intercept Technology™ packaging goes beyond airtight solutions, actively reacting with and neutralizing corrosive gases to provide comprehensive protection, ensuring your silver remains tarnish-free.

anti tarnish jewelry care


The Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care Solution

At Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care, A JK Findings Company, we are dedicated to preserving your critical assets. As the exclusive authorized worldwide distributor of Intercept Technology™ packaging to the silver and jewelry industries, we've harnessed the power of State of the Art Corrosion Intercept® and Static Intercept®, patented polymers from Lucent Technologies. These polymers react with and permanently neutralize atmospheric gasses that cause tarnishing of metals, effectively preventing silver tarnish. Our solution provides long-lasting protection for your silver jewelry, flatware, and other precious metals.

In the world of silver care, myths and misconceptions have long misled individuals and businesses. Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care is leading the charge in revolutionizing silver care with our Intercept Technology™ packaging. By separating fact from fiction and actively addressing the root causes of tarnish, we are enabling you to enjoy your silver jewelry, flatware, and precious metals without the constant worry of tarnish.

anti tarnish jewelry care

With our innovative solution, your silver will maintain its shine, brilliance, and luster for generations to come. Say goodbye to tarnish-related stress and embrace the future of silver care with Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care. Discover our product selection of anti tarnish jewelry care products at Looking to make a bulk purchase? Visit and apply for a wholesale account today.

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