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Why is Silver Jewelry So Popular?

why is silver jewelry so popular?

Few metals are as timeless and elegant as sterling silver. Containing a natural luster all its own, sterling silver has become synonymous with beauty.

Yet, for the majority of human history, it has played second fiddle to the king of decadence - gold.

Let’s take a look at how silver has faired lately in this eternal power struggle.

Understated is In

High fashion is truly a spectacle. Tune in for a luxury brand fashion show or scroll through social media highlights and you’ll find all sorts of ridiculous and over-the-top outfits and accent pieces.

While high fashion is often thought to set the standard for everyday fashion, one thorough examination will prove this to be false. Everyday styles, including that of upper social strata, have shifted towards understated. This is perhaps even in spite of high fashion).

Sterling silver is the perfect metal to achieve this look.

Sterling silver is a precious metal that’s beauty can be attributed to its reflectiveness. It’s become so popular because it has a bright and shiny look that compliments almost anything.

Reflectiveness is best suited in understated looks where everything comes together. While silver undoubtedly enhances a person’s outfit, it doesn’t stand out or detract from the whole.

Cost Effective

When most people hear silver or gold, they think dollar signs. They’re not wrong to do so. Silver and gold have been valuable since their discovery and inception into human life. They're both equal parts aesthetic and practical.

Many may not realize just how much more expensive gold is than silver (per ounce):

Gold Per Ounce Price Chart


Silver Per Ounce Price Chart


Over the course of any recession, it’s not uncommon to see a stoppage in luxury spending. While the country has bounced back quite a bit since the housing crisis in 2012, many things have remained the same. This includes a change in preference for gold over silver.

When jewelers and designers create new pieces, they take a risk. Will their new idea/style land or fall short? How much demand will exist for a new piece?

It was around this time that jewelry designers began to opt for silver over gold. Cheaper per ounce (and significantly easier to work with), silver became the favorite.

Styles began to shift. As consumers saw more and more interesting pieces created with silver, the demand for them rose. An added benefit was that the decrease in cost for designers carried over to consumers.

Jewelry fans could purchase interesting and elegant sterling silver pieces for significantly cheaper prices than gold.

Silver’s Take Over

Scratching the fashion itch without breaking the bank is a huge reason for silver’s takeover. In addition to its reduced cost, the metal’s properties just so happen to align with popular fashion tastes of the past few years.

All told, where other precious metals (gold included) pops, silver sizzles. It enhances rather than serving as the focal point; easily worn within a greater number of styles.

It’s for these reasons that we think you can continue to expect a rise in demand for silver jewelry, especially with the holiday’s around the corner!

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