Intercept Technology™ Tarnish & Corrosion Prevention Packaging

The Reusability of Intercept Products



Reusability is an important consideration of the environment. Recently, companies and governments worldwide have placed an emphasis on “green” policies - less material in landfills is the goal. On the other hand, companies from all sectors have always sought methods of cost reduction. Unfortunately, this has lead to many of the ongoing environmental issues today.

As it turns out, reusable packaging is the perfect solution to reducing environmental impact as well as business costs. In contrast to one-time use packaging, reusable packaging pays for itself in efficiency. It’s simple: the more you can use the product in logistics, the less waste being produced, the less replacement materials that need to be purchased.

Due to Intercept Technology™ material construction, a little goes a long way. Our products are temperature & humidity-independent and can be placed inside your previously existing jewelry boxes. This puts an end to the replacement of packaging and the addition of more waste to landfills.

This is perhaps the key benefit of Intercept Technology™ - our products’ utility and efficiency over several cycles. This will allow for substantial benefits in your production and supply cycle, as well as in the quality of your products. Depending on the storage container size, protection from tarnish and corrosion can last anywhere between 12+ months to 30 years of continuous safekeeping. Often times, manufacturers are able to use an Intercept Technology™ bag or pouch from the onset of their jewelry’s production through transit into storage delivery to wholesale or retail all the way to the sale of a customer.

Likewise, shelf life is essential. This is especially the case when dealing with products and inventory in bulk. Anti-corrosive products are created to prolong the shelf life of other items. It only makes sense that we use a material with a long lifespan of its own! When not in use, our tanish prevention products have a 10 year shelf life, so you’ll no longer have to replace your tarnish prevention materials due to long term storage.



Of course, our products will need to be replaced once they have reached the end of their life. Intercept™ Tarnish Prevention Packaging is a patented highly-reactive surface area copper embedded into a polymer. It does not contain any volatiles, carcinogens, or chemicals harmful to the environment.

Intercept Technology™ has won environmental awards, whereas many other non-reusable and non-recyclable packaging materials have restrictions placed on them in other countries regarding health and environmental concerns. It meets all national and international regulations for the recycling of coloured and uncoloured plastic products and can be disposed of without any problems.

In conclusion, Intercept Technology™ Silver & Jewelry Care products save your business valuable time and money. Our products eliminate the secondary packaging and cleaning tasks that are often required with VCI protection, charcoal protection, or no protection. Our reusable packaging reduces the amount of waste added to landfills, production of toxic corrosion inhibitors, and your company’s overhead. The long shelf life of our bags and pouches ensures no wasted costs and materials, and it’s patented technology is easily recycled once at the end of its effective life!

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