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Quality Assurance Tips for Preventing Tarnish

When working with silver jewelry, one of the biggest challenges is getting products, tarnish free, to their final destination while conforming to strict quality assurance guidelines set by retailers, and demanded by consumers. Whether that destination is the distributor, the retailer, or the consumer, there are certain precautions that should be followed to avoid customer returns, delays, and related fees that some retailers may charge their vendors. 

As experts in the field of tarnish and corrosion, we are often approached by manufacturers and retailers for recommendations on how to prevent silver from tarnishing. In addition to the obvious (using Intercept anti tarnish strips, tabs, and bags), there are several other precautions that can be taken to assist in preventing tarnish:

  • Avoid the use and contact of silver with rubber bands or any rubber produdcts - rubber is high in sulfur
  • Do not use leather or leatherette type packaging for silver - these materials are high in sulfur and/or chlorine
  • Avoid using recycled carboard for your outer packaging materials
  • If you must use tape, use clear tapes - clear tapes use synthetic adhesives which are gerneally suflur free - never use rubber tapes
  • Periodically have your packaging tested for sulfur and chlorine content to ensure your suppliers are uing sulfur and chlorine free materials or ask them for test results and an MSDS
  • Never use PVC products as these are high in chlorine - PVC (poly vinyl chloride) is high in chlorides (chlorine). PVC is often used in vinyl coatings which can be a component of some gift packaging
  • For the final cleaning of your silver, be sure to use distilled water in your steam machine and for the final rinse
  • Wear un-bleached cotton gloves after the final steam/rinse when handling silver during the final pack-out

Follow these suggestions and they will simplify your life by satisfying your customers tarnish prevention requirements and avoiding returns, delays, and back-charges...and remember to always use patented Static Intercept non-abrasive anti tarnish strips or Corrosion Intercept anti tarnish bags---the required and dependable, tarnish prevention product relied upon by the worlds largest silver jewelry retailers and manufacturers worldwide

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