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This past year has been emotionally taxing and held a lot of changes for the world. With the occurrence of so many polarizing events and with New Years right around the corner, now seems like the perfect time for resolutions and personal reflection.


It's an essential question that oscillates throughout our lives. More likely than not, though, what matters most to you is that which you feel the strongest compulsion to protect.

Protecting Memories of the "Big Day"

It goes without saying that your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life.

It's an act of lifetime commitment and the exact moment in which you agree to share the rest of your life with another person. The bond that's created on your wedding day perpetually influences future generations, and every matrimony truly changes the world.

protect memories of the big dayAs we grow old the bond of matrimony is strengthened, but often times the memories themselves fade.

It's an unavoidable consequence of the aging process!

This is why protecting your wedding band and passing it down has been a tradition for centuries. Not only does preserving your wedding band create a physical token of what was hopefully the greatest day of your life, but it provides your children and grandchildren with a memento as well. If you keep your wedding ring in quality condition, it's possible that your own grandchildren will one day use it in their own nuptials. 

This may very well be the sector that Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care Co. takes the most satisfaction in. Knowing that our products play a role in preserving your family's memories is humbling and that's why we create the most effective jewelry protection bags on the market.

Protecting Antique Jewelry

Some of the most valuable family heirlooms are jewelry. These keepsakes embody a beauty rich enough to make them pieces of art in their own right. Whether it’s simple and understated or ornate and complex, jewelry are distinctive pieces of history.

Protecting Antique JewelryThe amount of work required to make and care for jewelry is staggering and this is why families that are lucky enough to have heirlooms pieces want to keep them protected. Not only do they serve as physical reminders of a past time, they're the stunning result of dedicated craftsmanship.

While the number one way to protect jewelry from degradation is by wearing it, sometimes this isn't an option. Long term and short term storage of jewelry can result in the occurrence of tarnish.

Protecting family jewelry from degradation is perhaps our greatest contribution to the preservation of history, simply because these pieces were made to last. The fact of the matter is that in facing the present day atmosphere, jewelry may need a little extra help in order to get by.

Protecting Family Heirlooms

One of the more common family heirlooms – silverware - can be found in homes around the world. Typically used on special occasions, the presence of silverware marks a time of celebration and remembrance. It almost always has its own reserved space in a cupboard or cabinet somewhere and its appearance is often accompanied by a story.

In this sense, silverware is akin to jewelry. Not only because they’re often made of sterling silver, but due to the fact that they both convey history. In providing utility AND practicality, silverware is an heirloom that families aim to protect with the utmost care.

silverwarePerhaps even more so than sterling silver jewelry owners, those who possess silverware will encounter tarnish quite often. This is because silverware is usually used at exclusive functions only; it’s not something that’s used everyday. This allows for the continued accumulation of corrosive gases on the silver’s surface.

If silverware tarnish is left untreated for too long, it will blacken drastically and the set will be ruined. In order to keep its history and brilliance intact, and in order to ensure that it’s passed down to future generations, silverware must be properly cared for.


Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care Co.
Takes Pride in What We Do

We know our customers undergo great measures to protect the valuables they love, and that's why we're so honored to aide in the process. It's also why we have an extensive product line, providing protection for valued keepsakes and jewelry of all shapes and size.

Whether an object's value is monetary or sentimental, keeping it safe from degradation is top priority. As outside events shape your worldview and the year comes to a close, take note of the things you treasure most and ensure you’re doing everything you can to properly protect them! 

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