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How To Prevent Silver Tarnish

Whether you are looking to properly store silver items, getting ready for a move or simply want to properly care for a collection; everyone wants to know how to prevent silver tarnish. Silver can tarnish very easily, especially if you live in an area that has a high level of salt in the area, such as along the coast. No one wants to see their flatware or other silver collectibles tarnish, so here are some tips for preventing just that from happening.

Keep in an Area Without High Humidity

One of the most important tips here is to keep your silver items in an area without highlittle to no humidity. You also want to keep the silver in an area of your home that does not experience heat fluctuations. Heat fluctuations and humidity are enemies of silver and can cause them to tarnish quickly. Humidity is found in the air in towns along the coast, so be sure to put the items in containers that can keep out humidity. If that’s not possible then consider placing a dissident in the container.

Treated Flannel Cloths

When you go to store your silver flatware or other silver collection, do so in containers or chests that have anti-tarnish treated flannel cloths. These cloths should NOT be be treated with silver nitrate! in an effort to prevent tarnishing from occurring. You can store silver without polishing it first if you so choose but it’s best to. Ppolishing the silver prior to storing. it can also help to prevent silver tarnish.

Silver Storage Bags

Silver storage bags are perfect for your silver flatware, even if you use it regularly. These bags are big enough to store your flatware without taking up a ton of space in your kitchen drawers or in a chest. These bags help to keep humidity out and protect the integrity of the silver.

The next time you need to prevent silver tarnish on your flatware or other silver collection, visit Intercept Jewelry Care for all of your storage needs.

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