Intercept Technology™ Tarnish & Corrosion Prevention Packaging

Prevent Contact with Corrosive Gases, Prevent Tarnish

Corrosion of your precious metal valuables can occur in a number of ways. In order to efficiently prevent tarnish, you need to understand the causes behind the corrosion process and what is really going on.

Metals can be classified as either noble or non-noble. As far as corrosion goes, we are more concerned with non-noble metals, which require refining to be useful. However, nature is always seeking to return these metals back to their original existence as ores, oxides, etc. which is where the corrosion kicks in.

As we know from our previous newsletters, air polluted with tarnish-causing (H2S, NOX, SO2, HCl, O3) is the main cause of corrosion. Atmospheric corrosion occurs when such air pollution chemically reacts with the metal surface of your silver jewelry or other valuables in an attempt to return the metal back to the way it normally exists in nature. So, it is nature and chemistry that causes corrosion, not water and temperature as you may have been misinformed. It is worth noting, however, that water and temperature can accelerate the rate of corrosion so be sure your metal valuables are in a cool, dry place during storage.

In order to properly protect your silver and jewelry, you must use anti-tarnish packaging that not only prevents contact between corrosive gases in the air and the surfaces of your metal valuables but eliminates these gases entirely. No gases, no contact, no corrosion!

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