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Must-Know Facts About Anti-tarnish Paper

intercept anti tarnish Anti-tarnish paper helps protect silver and other precious metals from the tarnishing that can diminish their value. As an expert in the field of anti-tarnish tabs, strips and tarnish prevention products, we feel a responsibility to provide consumers with the technical information they need to ensure the most efficient protection of their silver.

The jewelry and precious metal industries use anti-tarnish paper in the packaging, storage and shipping of silver and jewelry in order to safeguard them from damage caused by tarnishing. Don't be fooled! Not all anti-tarnish paper is created equal. Here's what to look for:

  • Non-toxic/Anti-abrasive- Many jewelry manufacturers and designers find that many tarnish prevention products available today are either too abrasive (actually damage the finish on the jewelry piece or other precious metal item) or they are caustic and dangerous to use. As a result, some industry leaders believe that some of the anti-tarnish tabs and strips on the market can actually cause more damage to their items than the tarnish would have. It is important to make sure you are using anti-tarnish paper that is safe for the user, the environment, and all metals and gemstones, even when in direct contact.
  • Will not out gas- Some anti-tarnish technologies depend on passive systems to absorb corrosive gases, however these products run the risk of releasing those gases back out (out gassing), as is often the case with charcoal paper. These tarnish causing gases include sulfur gases (H2S, SO2, etc.) chlorine, ozone and nitrous gases. The most reliable anti-tarnish paper will react with and absorb these gases and permanently neutralize them as opposed to other anti tarnish paper products that only absorb corrosive gases.

Now that you know what to look for, and (what to avoid) in your anti-tarnish paper you can provide safe, effective protection for your silver and other metal valuables.

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