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How to Safely Store Your Antique Silverware

Nowadays, silverware is considered something special. In our age of practical stainless steel, using silver seems to make less sense than it did in the past; silver tarnishes when exposed to air – stainless steel doesn't, which makes the latter infinitely easier to clean. However, an old set of your grandmother's good silver is priceless to you, though you may have very little call to use it. In fact, except for special occasions, many people are somewhat wary of ruining their antique flatware, meaning that for most of the year, except for Thanksgiving, it's probably just sitting around in a cabinet.


This could be incredibly bad for it, however, and if you don't want to have to thoroughly clean the pieces every year or risk their deterioration, you'll need to come up with something else. And the best possible way to protect these antiques is to store them in something that is specifically designed to keep silver from tarnishing. At Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care Co., we have a line of products that are ideal for keeping your pieces shiny and blemish free. Many of the products (including anti-tarnish strips and zip lock bags) are easy additions to your silver storage box, and relatively inexpensive for the powerful results they offer.

At Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care, we use two patented polymers from Lucent Technologies – Corrosion Intercept® and Static Intercept® – to permanently neutralize corrosive gases that lead to the tarnishing of your silver valuables. Our products, which offer a year's worth of tarnish-free protection, are designed for silver of varying sizes and shapes.

For instance, silver utensils are easy enough to store in our smaller Intercept Keepsafe® 10"x18.5" anti-tarnish 5-zippered pocket bags. But what of your larger items? Perhaps you also inherited your grandmother's silver tea service, replete with teapot, cups, sugar bowl and creamer, serving platter, etc.

In this case, the Intercept Keepsafe® 12"x12"x1" anti-tarnish Velcro bag is perfect for your needs. This high-quality nylon bag is larger and features a pleated design, making it perfect for items such as tea set pieces, silver picture frames, and gravy boats. We also offer anti-tarnish boxes for larger items.

In addition to tarnishing, these silver storage bags and boxes can also protect your silverware from scratches and dust, meaning that they will remain pristine and shining. By using these and other products that we offer, you can ensure that your valued items (and the memories that they evoke) will remain intact for many years to come.

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